“Oh!!! Youth” by Eftichia Kapardeli; “Black and White Ballerina” by Al Preciado

"Black and White Ballerina," painting by Al Preciado, copyright 2013

“Black and White Ballerina,” painting by Al Preciado, copyright 2013


Editorial Note: Eftichia Kapardeli’s poetry once again graces us all the way from Greece (“Oh!!! Youth”) — and Al Preciado ballances it with his sensitive yet ebulliant portrayal of a ballerina (“Black and White Ballerina”), part of a series he has exhibited recently in downtown San Jose, CA.

Oh!!! Youth

by Eftichia Kapardeli
copyright 2013


The heart lives

oceans, floods

tear to pieces and loves

wild youth follows


In all hugs

the fiery wheel turns

Sweet, the scent of honey

The bloom defoliation

inseparable flowers


As a lily

a stiff stem

the germs of beauty bright

on a clear day

Oh my youth, smile




Η καρδιά ζωντανή
ωκεανός, πλημμύρα
σπαράζει και αγαπά
τα άγρια νιάτα ακολουθεί


Σε όλες τις αγκαλιές
τα πύρινα ρόδα χωρούν
στου μελιού την ευωδιά
ανθίζουν η φυλλορροούν
αξεχώριστα άνθη


Ως ένα κρίνο
σε αλύγιστους βλαστούς
με την φύτρα της λαμπερής ομορφιάς
μιας καθάριας μέρας
Ω νιότη μου χαμογελάς

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  1. thanks a million thanks Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Greetings from Greece



  1. Ίδια του κύκλου | Γράφει η Ευτυχία Καπαρδέλη

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