Month: December 2009

Koni’s Song

by Al Preciado copyright 2009 . . I claim no ownership over the country hood of women Save one This new terrain of she.  Her unfolding, fresh continent of possibilities, land I want to discover with floods of wanting overwhelming… Read More ›

Arms of the Angel

by Carolyn Donnell copyright 2009 On the arms of the Angel a line from a song The hum of the music rises to my tongue whenever I see gray-haired bent ladies wobbly walkers crossing at lights insufficient time to catch… Read More ›


by Joan Dobbie copyright 2009 My friend is a black man tall, charming, talented & filled to the brim with a seething volcano of agony, hatred, terror & rage strong enough to cover the earth three times over with magma… Read More ›

A Valley of Ashes

By Lynn Rogers Excerpt from a recent novel by Lynn Rogers, copyright 2009, 2008 (Inkling Press) Prologue Between the freeway flash of Silicon Valley and its dry hills studded with executive mansions to the end of the Delta in rural… Read More ›