2nd Wave Covid Looms Not Due to Protests: by D. Jackson, Union of Concerned Scientists. Art by Erik Kaye

A Second Wave of COVID-19 Looms Large—and It’s Not Because of Protests

, fellow | June 11, 2020, 6:22 pm EDT

Note from the Editor: The following article (please click link below) by Derrick Jackson, fellow from the Union of Concerned Scientists, should be a wake up call to all Americans.

The Man from A.S.S.- B.U.R.G.E.R.S. New Zealander Samuel Walsh, painting by Erik Kaye, copyright 2020

The Man from A.S.S.- B.U.R.G.E.R.S. New Zealander Samuel Walsh, painting by Erik Kaye, copyright 2020.  Please contact the Editor if you  are interested in purchasing it.

It is an excellent expose on the likely huge second wave of COVID-19 which will  not be due so much to those politicking for Black Lives Matter, and will instead be more due to the fact most states in America re-opened way too soon and are now throwing caution to the wind.

This continues to be a story where science and basic common sense has been too often ignored, and we the general public get to experience what that means.

The painting to the right is by Erik Kaye. I chose it since it brilliantly expresses how many feel given the anger, confusion and stress so many feel with the Pandemic. It is an emotional portrait of a New Zealander. Which is ironic since NZ is a country that has actually followed the advice of scientists, and now is safely re-opening.

Please click the link below for the article by Derrick Z. Jackson:


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4 replies

  1. Yes bea, i do love eric kaye’s painting. I couldn’t find a place to mention it. I hope he gets my compliment here


  2. Hi Roger, you are so right. Those of us at more risk need to be particularly careful, especially now. But from the looks of it, likely this bug will affect a lot of other people too if they aren’t careful. It isn’t just the lungs, the venous system and nervous are also at risk. I should put up a story on that sometime. Meanwhile, Erik Kaye is a former Eugenean! He is now living in Hawaii. The emotional portrait is inspired by Erik’s friend from New Zealand that he met while working in Japan. And yes, Erik is an amazing painter! I have several of his paintings gracing the pages of Eos in case you want to check the old files. Just type in Erik Kaye.


  3. science and basic common sense being ignored says it all.
    around here the six foot rule seems to have shrunk to six inches…. the mad scramble for “normal”
    is on… those of us in the “at risk” category will have to be even more diligent…. in the eyes of some,
    we are expendable and an expense the system can do without….
    great painting from New Zealand!


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