Month: August 2008

Blood For Oil

by John Kurtykacopyright 2008 Note: This is part of a series of small drawings enlarged and manipulated on the computer. If you are interested in it or others for sale, please let us know and I will inform the artist.


by David Larimorecopyright 2008 This is another of David Larimore’s elegantly whimsical and originally rendered new series of paintings. To have a taste of his work come to Thursday Gig at Got Art? Gallery, August 21, 2008 at 24 N…. Read More ›

Judgment Day

by Evelyn A. Socopyright 2008 We’re back here again, caughtin this endless kírkos of blame. Who owes whom? How much? Until when? Even if we forgive each other’s old debts, another roomful waits for the chance to come face to… Read More ›


by David Larimorecopyright 2008 This is another of David Larimore’s new paintings that may be included in his show at Thursday Gig at Got Art? Gallery on August 21, 2008 at 24 Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, CA 6:30-9:30 PM… Read More ›

Paul Klee

by David Larimorecopyright 2008please click on picture to enlarge Note: David Larimore will be showing his work at Thursday Gig, August 21, 2008 at Got Art? Gallery at 24 N. Santa Cruz Ave. in downtown Los Gatos, CA. The Gig… Read More ›


by David Larimoreacrylic paintingcopyright 2008 “Fingers held upon one’s lips. In this painting I wanted to convey the elusive state of humbling oneself enough to fully-take-in ; before inevitably asserting comprehension via necessary but imperfect words. A recognition of the… Read More ›


by Greg Hall copyright 2008 JB utters the seven syllables of “BLUES” in less time than anybody WHO was ever BORN “people” “let me” “tell you” “the news” )the “cold” “sweat” of 3 A.M. “Got nothing” “ON ME” but people… Read More ›