“easter, 2020” poem by Roger Evers

easter, 2020                                             

by Roger Evers, copyright 2020

the pope
Skype’s mass;
the masses,
huddle in their solitary domestic sanctuaries
petitioning their prayers heavenward,
tho their god seems to be preoccupied
somewhere else in the great whirling cosmos,
perhaps still experimenting,
attempting to create a species more pleasing to “his” eye,
a species more perfectly trimmed in “his” image
* *
unlike some fools
takes social distancing seriously:
he is holed up,
behind that stone, sheltering in place,
“do not disturb” scrawled in his weary hand
on the outside.
there will be
no christian easter miracle
this year
* * *
sweet louise
our hummingbird friend
sits stoically still on her wee tiny nest
outside our bedroom window,
then darts away
to scold the noisy blue jays
sitting on the power lines out back
surveying easy opportunities:
they are her “viral” danger right now.
we hope for the best, sweet louise,
oh how we hope
for your baby hummingbirds to survive and thrive,
but, well, we’re not god,
and there are just too many blue jays about for effective smiting;
really, we’re just two humans
caught up in the new religion
of viral seclusion, global uncertainties, and social re-calibrating,
left contemplating the frailty of both our species.
* * * *
in the meantime
BEHOLD! the miracle of spring
unfurling before our very eyes:
a rebirth with no equal;
in spite of it all,
* * *
good, and not so good, friday, april 10, 2020
(in other holy week news: palm sunday, when
 the religious experience this year was with
 a bar of soap, or a good squirt of Purell in the palm of one’s hand)

Roger Evers bio: writer, painter, mask maker, gardener, moon watcher, in my 70th decade from which the life experience takes on provocative, and sometimes startling, new perspectives”….

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  1. I enjoyed your words during troubling times for us all, safely struggling

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  2. Very nice words for what we’re going thru the test of survival

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