Symphony in Blue

Note by Bea Garth: I took this photo on my birthday recently. I was amazed at just how delicious the water, sky, sand and cliffs looked. Ah, summer on a beautiful day! Our financial and political world may be rocking… Read More ›

Love After…

by Lisa Griswold copyright 2011 . . In the whispers of the wind I can hear him. His warm sweet hand gently moving the hair from my face Comforting and soothing the pain like lace. . In the roar of… Read More ›

Ruling Day

by Eftichia Kapardeli copyright 2011   ΑΡΧΟΥΣΑ ΜΕΡΑ Χρώματα από του Ήλιου τα κρόσσια ,διάχυτα στης ελπιδοφόρας αυγής το φίλημα χείλη κατακόκκινα, κερασένια . Έργο νέο γεννιέται νέα ακούραστη σκέψη στην συνωμοσία της σιωπής στις ακύμαντες επιφάνειες των νερών, στα φυλλώματα… Read More ›


 by Joan Dobbie copyright 2010 and 2011 I gave my soul to the Devil & the Devil was grateful. In return he took me again & again to his magnificent limestone studio, with its immense stalagmites & stalagtites, rising &… Read More ›

The Calendar Remembers

by Chris Arcus copyright 2011 The calendar remembers your guilt Your diary remembers the fight you had The day the robin died That sniffle that broke into a cough The itch around your ankles From too much sun The way… Read More ›

The Definition of the Maya

Editorial Note: I am republishing Graeme Jones’ article first published here last spring. It clearly has more relevance now than ever, given the recent events in Japan, the Middle East,  Wisconsin and to Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  The social and… Read More ›