Dear Contributors,

“Remembering Tim,” mixed media painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2009

Eos: The Creative Context is looking for submissions for artwork, poetry, short fiction,  and social, political, environmental, metaphysical and health articles. We are also looking for gluten free and food sensitivity recipes (histamine, lactose free etc). Please note email address and directions below.

Eos is an ecclectic progressive e-zine in favor of eco consciousness in its many guises. The initial concept was to have a magazine that showcased poetry and art alongside social and political commentary rather than have each of these in a falsely isolated world.

The metaphysical aspect was added recently, however it has always been part of this magazine given that Eos  is the Goddess of the Dawn. As such this site favors a progressive, spiritual, grounded humanistic point of view. We encourage intriguing, forward thinking currents of social and political thought as well as art and poetry that enlivens, surprises and potentially heals. We are not above exploring the depths as well as the heights. To get a better idea, peruse the archives.

Mainly we are looking for good quality artwork and writing. Whatever the artistic, expressive subject matter, it is more likely your work will be chosen if it is deeply felt and transcends mere technique.

It is very unlikely work that is overly sentimental or is purely salacious or mean-hearted will be published here. Nevertheless, we are open to good quality, respectful erotic art and writing. Humor is also in our lexicon!

On the other  hand, if you are writing something that requires technical, scientific and/or even cultural veracity such as an article on an environmental disaster, or problems with Congress, the health system or the dollar, sources and accuracy are required.

Do understand this is a free publication with no payments or honorariums for submissions we post on Eos.

We accept previously published work as long as credit is given to where it was published before. All rights revert to the authors and artists after publication. If you publish your artwork or poems again after they have appeared here, please give Eos: The Creative Context credit.

Please limit artwork and poems to three submissions a post with a limit of three pages of poems.  Similarly articles or short stories should not exceed 4 pages unless we are queried first–with the beginning of the article or short story in the body of the email. If it is agreed upon, other arrangements can be made.

Please put poems, short stories and articles into the email rather than as attachments.

The only attachments allowed (unless you query first and it is accepted) are for artwork. Again, limit artwork to three pieces a post.

Please also include a short bio (50-100 words) about you and your creative work in your email.

You may send us a submission of writing or artwork once a month. We will try to get back to you within two months at the latest. If somehow we have failed to do so, please re-contact us.

Please put “Submission for Eos The Creative Context” into the subject line of the email. Address the email to:

Bea Garth
editor,  Eos: The Creative Context

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below:

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