Month: July 2008

A Call For Readers

Robert Claus is looking for readers to help create an audio version of his poems about California called Bear Songs. He plans to make audio recordings with different Californians reading his work. Each poem explores specific places, others specific events… Read More ›

Sunset Beach Vignette

by Robert Clauscopyright 2008 The evening breeze combs dune grass for old conversationsand chases empty words in sandy spirals towards the parking lot,where wide-eyed cars wait blindly for the night. I listen with the empty mussels and beak-cracked crabs for… Read More ›


by Bea Garthcopyright 1998, 2008 “This drawing was inspired by part of the human condition ( i.e., feeling wry and uncomfortable). It will appear this Fall in my upcoming book of poems and drawings: Eating the Peach.”—–Bea Garth

Bower Bird’s Nest Constructions

by Linna Muschlitz and friends: Wendy Snetsinger, Jean Giddins, Dorothy Durrembergercopyright 2008 The first of three sculptural nest constructions “inspired by the Bower bird’s nest” (more later): These are three of “8 pieces we did which we photographed on white… Read More ›

Unhindered (for Ruth Asawa)

by Kelly Cressio-Moeller copyright 2008Pathways curling into curved meandersExploring the subtle duality of spaceChevron patterns neat as garden rowsBright with sleight of hand color tensionReleasing shimmering optical vibrationsA slender bend of industrial wireHeralding interlaced trumpetsBlowing amber-glow tranquilityAnd dandelion spore reflectionsAcross… Read More ›

The Itch

by Bea Garthcopyright 1982, 2008pen and ink drawingThis drawing will soon appear in Eating The Peach, a book of poems and drawings of mine about love and illusion. This particular drawing was from when I lived in Seattle in 1982… Read More ›


by Greg Hall copyright 2008 Morning arrived without an invitationIt was just that evening was so beautifulThe sunrise started following it aroundI don’t know where your luminous paleness endsAnd the black heart of midnight beginsThe borders are opaqueEven in the… Read More ›

power plant

by janet crawford trenchardcopyright 2008 driving along in the darkearth and sea to either sideexpecting to be surprised as alwaysby silvery stiltsrising out of the mist, Atlantisspreading its net oflightsI wonderif I missed it somehowthen suddenly crane my neckto see… Read More ›


by Bea Garthcopyright 2008 If I were meand you were youwhat would we do?Would we laugh and crygive each other our hearts and swear not to die,if I were meand you were you? Instead we pace and stumblebeing ever so… Read More ›

Megane: Kintaro’s Eyeglasses

by Erik Kayecopyright 2008watercolornote: click picture to see a larger versionHere’s what Erik has to say about the above painting:“Megane: Kintaro’s Eyeglasses, that’s pronounced Meh-gah-neh, which is the word prominently spelled in reverse in the upper left-hand corner of the… Read More ›