A Call For Readers

Robert Claus is looking for readers to help create an audio version of his poems about California called Bear Songs. He plans to make audio recordings with different Californians reading his work. Each poem explores specific places, others specific events or states of mind. Each work will be read by a different voice and arranged into a unique audible set that reflects the theme and setting of the piece. The actual recordings will take place in the Bay Area with the finished album slated to appear on Sound Press Records later this year. “So dust off that old microphone, warm up those ‘chords & let me hear what you’ve got!” —– Robert Claus

To hear an example of the recordings go to:


You can read Robert Claus’ collection of poems at: http://homepage.mac.com/clausr/Crowbard/index.html

If interested in participating in this project, contact Robert at: clausr@mac.com

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