Joan Dobbie


by Joan Dobbie
copyright 2008

standing beside an
old red pickup
scratching his
belly button
looks up to see
a (not really so
old woman
ride by
on her mud
yellow bicycle
flashing a smile
& waves to her

It Was The First Sunny Day

By Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008

of the year, I was lying on my back on the picnic table

talking to Bea on the phone.

Above me, the skywas brilliant blue 

the craggy old cherry tree

blossoming pink & filling with birds

of all sizes & breeds.

Below me the lush green grass 

I was much too lazy to mow, my

pillow a brick of cement.

We were talking

about men, sex and creativity 

telling each other how special we were

& why the hell didn’t they get it?

Note: the above right sculpture is "Dragon" by Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008-- photo by Victoria Ramsay

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