Month: June 2008

ShonanDaira III

by Erik KayewatercolorNote: click on picture to enlarge “Re the series , ShonanDaira— Shonan is the name for this seaside region on the backside of Sagami Bay which is essentially the outer chamber of Tokyo Bay. Daira is a word… Read More ›


by Greg Hallcopyright 2008 “WHO”MaySpeak)?“Those who makeLonelinessA darling lover,Solitude a darlingSin”…Bring yr dreamsYr aspirations, yr crimes,Yr open throats,“KEEP SINGING”as yr howls and “mozartian ululations”Are not “FATAL” to me…Seek not in meThe source of yr pregnancy,“I” “LEAVE”“NO”“TRACKS”But theLoneliness problemYou mention“Compels”“Me”To “advise”“You”“MAKELONELINESSA… Read More ›

It’s Hot!

by Bea Garthcopyright 2008 It’s hot. This morning it was still hot. Yesterday it was over 103 degrees here in the generally cool Los Gatos Hills not to speak of 101 degrees in San Jose. I stopped at the cul-de-sac… Read More ›


by Bea Garthcopyright 2008 The clock is tickingdeath approachesI breathe in deeplythe universe bathes my heartwhile a dog barks from across the creek.I do battlepersistent and slowas a snaileating the lettuce and even the marigolds,my trail a silver threadreflecting the… Read More ›

Evolving Line X

by Erik Kayecopyright 2008watercolor>Note: click on picture to see an expanded version This is part of Erik’s new abstract series of watercolors: “The Evolving Line X is a breakthrough painting — where I succeeding in creating the rhythmic non linear… Read More ›


by Bea Garthcopyright 2008work still in progressNote: click on picture to see an expanded version This piece is inspired by my great grandfather Herman Sund.