Bea Garth Paintings

This is a page devoted to some of my paintings I featured here on Eos: The Creative Context. To see more, please go to my personal website at

Brian At Home In ABQ

by Bea Garth, mixed media, copyright 2012

This was from a trip I took a few years ago. I completed the painting in the fall of 2012. Brian was the cat. Sold.

"Brian at Home in ABQ," mixed media painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2012

“Brian at Home in ABQ,” mixed media painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2012









“At The River”

by Bea Garth, mixed media, copyright 2013. Also sold..
I often depict river scenes reminiscent of my living in Oregon and Washington next to the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. I sold the above piece at Studio Bongiorno in Santa Clara, CA in October 2013.
At The River mixed media by Bea Garth, copyright 2013

“At The River” mixed media by Bea Garth, copyright 2013


“The Poet”

 by Bea Garth, copyright 2010
“I  painted this portrait  at Al Preciado’s poetry/music and painting fest at Works Gallery in San Jose, CA–three days after the quake in Haiti.  Performance poet Roberto Tinoco Duran was busy painting at my right, so it was only natural to paint him.  This was my first foray into painting a semi realistic portrait since 1983. Its now his–a gift for the New Year!” –Bea Garth
"The Poet" by Bea Garth, copyright 2010

Remembering Tim

by Bea Garth
copyright 2010, gouache and ink.
I painted this not long after the well loved and respected but tragically ill San Jose painter Tim Cottengim died. I should have known he’d show up in my painting, but for me it was completely unexpected! Of course he was unassuming as always…

"Remembering Tim," mixed media painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2009

“Remembering Tim,” mixed media painting by Bea Garth, copyright 2010

6 replies

  1. Bea Garth: Carl Macki is a social parasite posing as a “poet/activist/consultant/whatever.” The guy is like a Social Dredge, or a walking facebook,, mixing it up with all and sundry, including wackos. He, who saw fit to make insulting remarks about my family, to me, seems to value immense numbers of social contacts, including grody ones. I had two bad experiences about my email because of him, one of them a crazy woman who stole my email from him to contact me. I kicked him out of my Linkedin account a year and a half ago. Now, recently, he wanted back into my Linkedin group, and I had to tell him to get lost, AGAIN. Our friends and associates represent us, to a degree, and I refuse to allow him to represent me or the people associated with me. This is not about me controlling your friends, this is about quality in my associates. He is shopping my website for contacts–which offends me mightily. He is a chatty, opportunistic and insensitive man, with no end of names to drop in selling himself, a very insinuating character. I will not have him use me or my effort in that way. He keeps showing up on my LinkedIn account as a “contact”, and I have to keep rejecting him, and I have reported him to LinkedIn as spam. But, suit yourself…


    • Never heard of him. Or if I have, I have forgotten about it. There are always going to be some folks who are or want to be users/social parasites. I try to avoid them. Life is too short IMHO to become fixated on them. If they cause direct problems, then that is another matter of course. For now though I really don’t want my website to be used to name bash anyone.


  2. Hello Bea: I am an artist/sometime muralist/silkscreener/illustrator/ sometime poet/blogger/publisher, cultural worker, southern California born, now residing in San Francisco–I try not to stray too far from my drawing board. I encountered your blog while Googling Roberto Tinoco Duran, whom I want to look over my blog (especially the “Scrapbook Photos” album, where I take care of “old business”) Seeing your work makes me want to paint again, being heavy into keeping my blog up to date and illustrating for my ‘zine Hate Crime Review & Parody. If you see Roberto tell him I said hello, I’d like to meet this poet. Cheers.


  3. Kudos 2u Bea…i thank thee for the piece…FYI it’s hanging in a good home @Prospect studios…
    for me to take when i have a suitable place to hang myself…


    • Thanks Roberto. Have been taking some time off Eos and all things arts organizational. However may get roped back into it mid September. We’ll see. Certainly I will get back to Eos and plan to go to Works and some of Al’s shindigs. Have been doing some painting plus learning hypnotherapy. Still love the painting I did of you. It was one of those moments. Just don’t “hang yourself” over it!


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