Month: January 2014

The Fukushima Diet

By Christine Payne-Towler from Tarot ArkLetters – ArkLetter 106, January 1, 2014 The Fukushima Diet Since I am a grandmother living on the West Coast of North America , with plans for more grandchildren on the way, I am concerned for how we… Read More ›


by Melissa Beasley copyright 2014 previously published in Lake City, 2013 I dream of running with mustangs In endless fields on golden days Tall grass fading to brown Edge of autumn Smell of long leaf pine and cedar Juniper… Read More ›

Treasured by Tears

by Marilyn Graham, copyright 2014 What I’m writing about today is what’s most compelling to me now and that would be how mother comes to me through the old German songs Wanderlied I thought I had forgotten it seems right… Read More ›

The Clash

by Chris Arcus, copyright 2014 Five minutes to breath Five minutes to sleep No time to get hungry No time weep Half a block of frozen ice Littered in a pen Nothing but noise and confusion But then A stolen… Read More ›


by Stuart Blaney, copyright 2014 I know little but of those I’ve left behind, why do days begin only to end? I know little but these hidden paths of pain, why these silent furies in my heart? Broken light breaks… Read More ›