New Year of the Green Horse, New Issue of Eos: The Creative Context

"Rainbow Brushstrokes" watercolor by Erik Kaye, copyright 2014

“Rainbow Brushstrokes” watercolor by Erik Kaye, copyright 2014

This is a new issue of Eos for a brand new year. It will be the year of the Green Wood Horse in the Chinese cosmology beginning February 4th, 2014 (Chinese New Year’s Day is January 31st). The year of the Snake is moving out. This last year has been a time of cleansing and purification that has been difficult for many. This next year will be one of successful enterprising action for many of us. The Green Wood Horse is considered lucky and full of energy. Renewal is the right word. Right action will continue to be the bell weather however. Impatient, incorrect action, as the I Ching might add, will likely not be rewarded.

Western Astrology indicates that their may be continuing big shake ups this year, especially come the end of March and early April and again in the summer. I would not be surprised if there will be either further developments indicative of a political/economic nature which will create a hue and cry for positive change and/or yet more earth cataclysms. This is why we need to be part of the new solutions rather than the old problems for Mother Earth if we expect success to be on our side this year. Gaia is in need and we are part of her. We as a world culture need to take more responsibilities for the effects of modern corporate life and consequent climate change and increased dangers to the environment for us all. And of course as earth creatures we need to learn the lessons of this last year and either continue or begin to take serious care of our health in an increasingly toxic world.

For now we celebrate new possibilities while working together making as much of a positive difference as we can, which is one reason I decided to continue my commitment to Eos–The Goddess of the Dawn as well as following through with my own creativity.

In this issue we have much to choose from. From delicious desire represented by Marianne Szlyk’s poem “I Dream of a Green Apple” to the depths of continuing environmental tragedy at Fukishima revealed by Chris Arcus (“Fukishima Three Years After”).

Christine Payne Towler’s article on diet provides a very necessary antidote. Christine advises us all to eat more veggies and herbs for the sake of protecting our health and that of future generations with her “Fukishima Diet.”

Melissa Beasley’s energetic and inspired poem “Horses,” introduced serendipitously by Elizabeth Parashis’ lovely monoprint of horses at full gallop (“Cinco Hermanos”), is most appropriate given the New Year of the Green Wood Horse.

Ms. Beasley’s moving poem “Just Enough To Carry On” is about the transient nature of time and the need to carry on and honor the wreckage of loss.

Marilyn Graham’s poem “Treasured by Tears” about the passage of energy inherited from her mother and other generations of women, is deep and evocative. My dream-like acrylic painting about identity (“Who Am I Really?” by Bea Garth) introduces  the spirit of Marilyn Graham’s exquisite poem.

Chris Arcus’ poem “The Clash” describes the noise, confusion and anxieties of modern life juxtaposed by “a stolen quiet moment.”

Newcomer Stuart Blaney’s  poem “Seriatim” evokes the tangled emotions of fading love ending with a sorrowful hope for spring.

We are featuring three of Erik Kaye’s brushstroke series paintings throughout, starting off with the celebratory “Rainbow Brushstrokes,” followed by the amazing “Gaia Dances,” and ending with Erik’s green “Dragon vii.” The Year of the Green Wood Horse is also part Dragon by the way–making the year potentially even luckier–as long as of course we remember to pay attention and do what we can for Mama Earth along the way.

So feast here, and enjoy!
—–by Bea Garth, editor, Eos: The Creative Context

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  1. The new format looks beautiful!


    • Ah well I changed the format again after I added Christine’s post. Thus for long posts which I do want I have to have a more complicated magazine layout or else everything else will get buried. This is more like how I want it than anything else I found to keep it visually appealing and understandable. The Archives and Categories now only appear when you click on a post–but I guess that is OK. At least the visuals along with the words are up and running. By clicking on the post header you get a clear whole page for each post. My brown and black and tan striped cat Tortuga says hello by the way, as he calmly looks at the computer while sitting on my lap.


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