Painting of Japan by Erik Kaye

Phases Of The Pin

by Erik Kaye copyright 2010 watercolor diptych . Editor’s Note: This beautiful watercolor diptych by Erik Kaye shows a water canal scene of what might otherwise be ancient Japan (excluding  the outboard motor!) at different times of day highlighting the… Read More ›

Yokohama Mirror Glass

watercolor painting by Erik Kaye copyright 2009, 2010 Japan “This is my third painting of this view, slightly unfinished. While I began the first view, construction workers covered the wall of the big Station building with tarps and completely renovated… Read More ›

Megane: Kintaro’s Eyeglasses

by Erik Kayecopyright 2008watercolornote: click picture to see a larger versionHere’s what Erik has to say about the above painting:“Megane: Kintaro’s Eyeglasses, that’s pronounced Meh-gah-neh, which is the word prominently spelled in reverse in the upper left-hand corner of the… Read More ›

ShonanDaira III

by Erik KayewatercolorNote: click on picture to enlarge “Re the series , ShonanDaira— Shonan is the name for this seaside region on the backside of Sagami Bay which is essentially the outer chamber of Tokyo Bay. Daira is a word… Read More ›

Ryukoji View, Katase

Note: double click picture to enlargeby Erik Kaye, copyright 2008watercolor“Its a famous nearby temple, Ryukoji, (ji means temple-Ryu means Dragon, Ko means mouth– Dragon Mouth Temple) where the Saint Nichiren was being executed when a bolt of lightning hit the… Read More ›

Devil Girl

Note: double click picture to see the enlarged versionby Erik Kaye, copyright 2008watercolor80 cm wide x 110 cm high (roughly 31 3/4″ x 43 1/2″) Note: Eric says this is a composite picture inspired by a rave celebrating the viewing… Read More ›


(Double click on the picture and you will get a larger version)By Erik Kaye, copyright 2008watercolor (If interested in purchasing some of Erik’s work, please send a query by clicking on the envelope icon after it says comments below.)

Odakyu Line

Note: Just double click on the picture and you will get the enlarged version. by Erik Kaye, copyright 2008watercolor painting My friend Erik Kaye, now living in Japan with his wife Corinne, sent this and a series of other paintings… Read More ›