Odakyu Line

Note: Just double click on the picture and you will get the enlarged version.
by Erik Kaye, copyright 2008
watercolor painting

My friend Erik Kaye, now living in Japan with his wife Corinne, sent this and a series of other paintings to us.

This particular painting is a beginning of his series on life in Japan. He has others of a trip to India as well as several abstracts. Really beautiful.

Thank you so much Erik!


Categories: Painting of Japan by Erik Kaye

4 replies

  1. Let’s see if this site, Eos/WordPress will let me leave a reply. It didn’t the other day.

    Bea, you humble me. You are a better promoter of my work than I am. It’s time for me to get back on it!

    Thanks for the shove! And the Love.

    @Isagani, am leaving you a message in private.



  2. Hi Isagani Oropesa, I will get you in touch with Erik. Likely its still for sale–though maybe through his friend Rene who handles most of his sales. Am sure Erik will be delighted to hear from you. I will look up Erik’s web address so you can contact him. He’s also on Facebook at Erik Kaye Artist


  3. Is this painting by Erik for sale? If so, how much is it?


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