Linna Muschlitz Sculpture

Bower Bird’s Nest Constructions

by Linna Muschlitz and friends: Wendy Snetsinger, Jean Giddins, Dorothy Durremberger
copyright 2008

The first of three sculptural nest constructions “inspired by the Bower bird’s nest” (more later):

These are three of “8 pieces we did which we photographed on white walls but they look grey. The twigs are my idea and the flat weaving is Jean’s idea, who is a weaver. I wanted 3-d but this is what we all decided. Red twig dogwood. grape vine, string and lace, or buttons. These are hung in the panels between the wooden supports. They all look great except for the Bower birds.

We each made two wall sculptures. We used a cardboard loom and then cut them off and hung them. Some are very airy.

Names — I can’t remember who did what. But these are the artist’s names:
Linna Muschlitz – provided sticks circles and airy negative space piece, Center piece. Wendy Snetsinger- invited me to bring my art form to the church – white lace wall piece. Jean Giddins – professional loom weaver. Dorothy Durremberger- with small basket and green ribbon woven into stick weaving.

Everyone is a professional artist. Dorothy and I do 3-d Jean and Wendy are 2-d or mixed media in 2-d/.”

—–Linna Muschlitz, Pennsylvania

Erika and Claudia

cloth sculpture assemblage
by Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008

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