Graeme Jones on Mayan World; Surrealism

The Definition of the Maya

By Graeme Jones
copyright 2010


The final Mayan small cycle prior to the close of their great cycle, and its corresponding world change in 2012, is due to run for two years from September 23, 2010 until it finally closes at the winter solstice on Dec 21st 2012.  Carlos Barrios, a Mayan elder and priest, identifies this final two years as a Cycle of Definition.  In his The Book of Destiny Barrios identifies it as  “a time of cleansing, when all of the garbage in our minds, all of our consumerism will be cleared away, and replaced with a resurgence of true spirituality and a renewed respect for ourselves and everyone else on this planet.” The function of this cycle of definition is to clarify distinctions between truth and illusion. This is needed to prepare the mass mind to open and receive the first rays of dawn of the great new Mayan Fifth Sun.

Mayan cosmologists use the concept of a Sun to characterize a 5,200 yearlong cosmic cycle in planetary evolution.  Their “suns” describe the central cosmic agenda which is unfolding within humanity during that particular cycle.

We shall see that when it comes to the new Mayan Fifth Sun, which dawns in 2012, the nomenclature “Sun” enjoys a qualitatively deeper meaning.   For in an as yet unknown and very unfamiliar way the Mayan Fifth Sun promises to be what is known as a “spiritual sun.” As such it is will come to be felt to be even closer to us than the physical sun.  Just as our physical sun has a solar wind, a spiritual sun has a divine wind.  Perhaps the most noteworthy quality of a spiritual sun is what we can call its esoteric self-awareness.  Its self-knowing subjectivity lends both vivacity and authority to the wind that blows inside our spirits. As it births itself inside us it seduces us into harmony with itself. This sun is expected to form the internal organizing principle of a major new cosmic cycle in human culture.  In so doing it will manifest its own spiritual cosmology and become the fountainhead of all living poetry and culture.

The sun is so majestic it pushes its own bow wave towards us.  In the hour or so before dawn the eastern sky steadily grows lighter.  The tone and feel of the new day can be detected in the quality of solar energy that lights up the sky even before the sun can be seen.  Above us the solar wind is pushing into our atmosphere a wide spectrum of subtle energies. The sky above awakens us and tells us of what is to come.   We call it dawn.

So too with the Fifth Sun: its pre-dawn bow wave sweeps through the sky above our heads, while the majority of us still lie in darkness, sleeping.  The solar wind that washes all around us from the Mayan Fifth Sun is a divine wind.  And it has a striking feature. Because it is a new spiritual sun, its particular radiance is as yet beyond our experience.  It cannot be adequately anticipated.  The cosmic wind from the new Mayan Sun strikes our mental habits obliquely.  Coming from a place that is new and different, it can only be culturally insurgent.  It is the essence of revolution.

So, what do the Mayan Elders tell us about this new Fifth Sun?

Barrios again. The previous four worlds (suns) have each been dominated by a single, specific element: Air,  Fire, Water or Earth.   The fifth Sun will be governed not by an element but by Ether.   Ether is a rarified property thought to fill the upper reaches of space, beyond the earth.  Ethereal is “of the heavens.”   In this telling, Ether, being celestial, lacks material substance.  Yet it is no less real than any of the four elements.  It radiates wide frequency energy waves that penetrate throughout the third dimension.

Ether will govern by combining with the other four elements on a higher level.  Fire, Earth, Air and Water will act together in a subtle manifestation, activating full consciousness in Mother Earth and humanity.  This is an uplifted anabolic fusion of polarities.   For joining and fusion are priority values in the morning of the Fifth Sun.   Metaphorically, Ether permeates all finite separations and erotically vibrates them into a new unity: that unity being stabilized by heaven.  It is to be a time of supreme spiritual balance. This includes the revolutionary experience of fully developed male and female, both standing in conscious balance together.  Barrios emphasizes “that neither the feminine nor the masculine will be supreme, but that the two energies will be equally balanced.  The two will support one another, and the qualities in one will elevate the qualities in the other.”

Mayan elders note with understanding that their own cosmological interpretations regarding humanity’s immediate future are frequently identifiable in other wisdom traditions.  Despite the cultural differences, they can see themselves in others.

Most interestingly, we can now see that the Mayan worldview intersects very creatively with a particular European wisdom tradition.  Jungian transpersonal psychology has now accumulated two generations of practical field experience.  It stands out as a dynamic contemporary wisdom tradition. These two traditions illuminate each other.  Metaphorical descriptions of the Fifth Sun given to us by the Mayan elders are readily recognizable images of what Jungian psychologists call the Inner Self.  Here is the ancient Greek Anthropos, the cosmic prototype world man/woman: the divine Adam. It is the World-Self. It embodies wholeness, balance and universality, spiritually stabilized. Jungians call this the emergence of the Inner Self from its banishment within the underworld of the unconscious.  Of primary relevance here is the meta-theme in Mayan cosmology.  All of their great calendric cycles of worlds are sequenced preparations for a new “sun” of evolutionary consummation.  Here is the therapeutic restoration, the long sought alchemy for which all civilizations have striven throughout history.  And that restoration has been so well mapped by transpersonal psychology’s mining of our myths and legends.

The Fifth Sun radiates its own cosmology: Wholeness, Universality and Liberation.   The short two-year cycle of definition that precedes it has the purpose of preparing the mass mind for this new and unfamiliar radiance. It does this by bringing experiences that clarify contradictions and distinctions.   It is essentially a clearing operation.  It obliges us to face questions regarding long established conditions in our current human world. What relationship does a particular thing have with the dawning Fifth Sun?   What fits in and what doesn’t?   What has to change, or to go?    Again the Maya are specific.

Because the Fifth Sun entails a collective transcendence of the limiting perspective of the human ego, the Mayan elders teach us that the world’s dominant culture must change dramatically.   This is because it is currently controlled by a cosmology of egoism: that is the maintenance of oppressive negative polarization.  The Mayans also recognize that the capitalist economic system is an integral organizing component of that negatively polarized mass egoism.   Hence it cannot survive the dawn of the Fifth Sun.

Assuming the Mayans are right, and their track record is excellent, we can expect Capitalism to be in a process of terminal breakdown during this closing Cycle of Definition. The predators on Wall St. know that their game is up, and that the only place from which they can now steal money is sovereign governments.   “Definition” is found as we watch the power pyramid of finance capital slowly but steadily implode, from the top down.

If a thing as world encompassing as “Capitalism” is to go, then it throws us into a necessary spiritual exercise.   If Capitalism is to die, then clearly it is necessary that we release all attachment to it.  But the extent to which America identifies itself as Capitalist measures the danger to which the nation may succumb.  For if the American people are determined to retain their attachment to a form which must die, then the American nation is in danger of dying along with it.  But America itself is a process of cosmic creation.  So the question that confronts us is this: how can America thrive while Capitalism is dying? It can only do this by decoupling itself from the ideology of Capitalism and embracing a revolutionary new self-understanding.  The starting point must be: “capitalism is un-American.” But the ego driven propaganda is so thick here that the phrase CAPITALISM IS UN-AMERICAN strikes the mind with the jarring dissonance of cognitive absurdity.   For two hundred years Wall St. Financiers, aided by their many money-worshipping cronies, have drummed into the heads of Americans the ideological mantra that Capitalism is of the essence of America.

It is for the purpose of clarifying this all-important question that the Mayan Cycle of Definition comes to our aid.   America is really all about Free Enterprise.   Free Enterprise is authentic American spirituality.   The spirit of Free Enterprise exists to enrich the human’s relationship with his or her creator. This was at the heart of the first revolution.  To use contemporary language: Free Enterprise is a necessary component of spiritual self-actualization.  Here is the real spiritual strength of America.

But it is a condition of the culture of freedom that each individual chooses their own level at which they interpret their personal “Free Enterprise.”   This is where the turn to error and the dark side can be seen.   The American ego has incessantly striven to define Free Enterprise in terms of its own self-limiting nature.  This clues us into the fact that there is more than one way to define it.  When the western male ego controls the definition of Free Enterprise, it calls it Capitalism.   Then in its fear and mania for control, the ego demands that all Americans interpret Free Enterprise in exclusively egoic terms.  This is Wall Street’s predatory Capitalism.   It is this turn to a spirit denying egoism that is un-American.  Capitalism is an oppressive ideological distortion that the ego places upon real, living, Free Enterprise.  It sucks the living spirit out of America, and replaces it with a cold-hearted machine of hierarchical domination.  Monsieur Capital has given us the madness of empire, and in his final incarnation he becomes a totalitarian class dictator that sees the American people themselves as his enemy.    In its deepest relation, Capitalism is the weapon with which the hyper-individualized bourgeois ego wars against spirit.  It has become the Death Star.

Here is the point of spiritual self-clarification offered by the Mayan Cycle of Definition.  The true spirit of American Free Enterprise is not Capitalist, in the egoic sense.  Free Enterprise works best, that is at its most American, when it is a manifestation of spirit rather than ego.   Create what your soul loves and the money will tend to follow naturally.  The challenge is to stay with the creativity of the soul, and reject the ego’s worship of money power.  So American Freedom is always testing people: how do you define your own Enterprise, from ego or from spirit?   The clarification offered by the Mayan Cycle of Definition is that totalitarian structures that support egoic domination can be seen to fall away.  But spirit based Free Enterprise will thrive in the light of the Mayan Fifth Sun.

This means, for the American nation to awaken into the light of the Fifth Sun it must transform and renew itself.   But what could be more American?   The Fifth Sun carries within it the potential for a great expansion within the American spirit.  But authentic wholeness demands that the social organization of Free Enterprise must embrace a jettisoning of structures that serve the domination of ego, in favor of Enterprise that enables the birth of spirit-centered community.  In the new Sun, the fully-grown woman stands freely beside the man.

Graeme Jones originally hails from New Zealand. He is a Jungian astrologer living in California. He is a published author of numerous articles on politics and the New Age.

Our Mayan World

Ancient Archetypes, by Bea Garth, copyright 1983, 2008

Ancient Archetypes, by Bea Garth, copyright 1983, 2008 from ELEGANT STEW (1983), and EATING THE PEACH:  poems and drawings on love and illusion (2008)

By Graeme Jones, copyright 2008
First Posted on
Jan. 17, 2008

This is to offer some thoughts on the current American situation in the light of my recent readings on the Mayan calendar. It is popularly thought that the Mayan calendar of cosmic time comes to an end in 2012. It is sometimes surmised that nothing solid can be clearly known about life on earth beyond that fast approaching date. However, I read that the 2012 date marks the beginning of a new world of cosmic time. But not to leap ahead of ourselves, the Mayan cosmology forecasts that the world capitalist system will begin its final collapse in November of 2007.

As a political astrologer, I would want to add that the planetary configurations that mark the heavens in the years circa 2012 bear a strong resemblance to the configurations that began with 1929 and lasted through the 1930’s, before finally opening out into the titanic victory of World War Two and the Chinese revolution.

In 2008, Pluto, the planetary archetype of evolutionary transformation transits from Sagittarius (religious turmoil and massive economic overreaching) into a fifteen year journey through the sign Capricorn. Here is our culture’s mythological winter experience. This is where the American capitalist dream-world collides with the cold heard granite of objective material reality. Debts become due, and organized systems of false consciousness become increasingly destabilized by the tectonic emergence of “reality.” Institutionalized denial of the real cosmic agenda that governs planetary evolution will shatter like a car driven by a drunk, colliding with a solid brick wall. Ouch, what fun!

So there we have it. Thirty years of Reaganism, with Bush’s presidency as the icing on the cake, has gutted the American economy, creating the material conditions necessary for the denouement of the cosmology that has shaped our minds throughout the entire 5,000 years of patriarchy.

When we talk of financial and economic meltdown we fall back upon our experience of the depression of the 1930’s. Serious economic pressure generated an intense universal need for shared relief. This resulted in the emergence of what can be described as “spiritual politics.” It took two distinct forms, and the polarity tension between those two contending visions of spiritually liberating politics drove world politics for a generation. They were Nazi mysticism and Mao Ze Dong’s Chinese adaptation of Marxism.

Fascist spirituality was neurotic to the point of catastrophe, but Chinese socialism was successful, at least to a large degree. So we can see how something comparable must come again. Here we add that the cosmic tides of time are bringing to us the returning feminine essence. This is the great unifying agent that carries us across the bridge from one Mayan cosmic world into the next. The erotic function of the feminine is now lovingly drawing all separated human experience into unity. Culturally and politically this emerges as a desire for democratic Socialism.

Such a great world death, as the Mayan priests knew well, is of course an even greater new beginning. The Mayans call our post 2012 epoch, the time of the emergence of the “galactic underworld.” This means that the cultural experience of cosmic unity emerges from within the collective unconscious. The readers of the Mayan system interpret this to be prefigured in Western spiritual culture by the Christian concept of “apocalypse.” That is the revelation of a core truth that had been hidden throughout the now closing cosmic cycle.

The collapse of American, and world, capitalism is therefore an emptying into an already self-establishing new cosmic culture. And that new epoch is the unified culture of “one world.” It has already successfully established itself in our cultural underworld. One quick example. It has mythically manifested the principle of “dynamic cosmic wholeness” in symbolic form as the galaxy class star ship Enterprise. This is the real reason for the Star Trek TV series’s enormous popularity. “Welcome to the federation” is a mythic anticipation of life in the new Mayan “galactic world.”


Here in 2008, this can only mean that the culture of “one world” is now hegemonic in the collective unconscious of world civilization. The culture of liberated planetary unity is simultaneously victorious, and yet, unfolding. In our mythic winter transition crisis it is the new bedrock of all of our shared well-being. But the juicy part is bringing it up into the collective consciousness. Because we are still relating prior to 2012, this new culture is far from yet fully emerged. Its component parts appear to be isolated, sometimes even alienated, from each other. This is largely because the currently ending cosmology invested so deeply in a dualistic alienation between core human opposites, heaven and earth, male and female.

In “one world” culture, heaven and earth marry. This process is now fertilizing all of humanity’s drives for liberation. It requires that we open our languages of salvatory world wholeness. There we find ourselves in a discussion of Christian spirituality and its relationship with its own modern offspring, Socialism. One world culture shifts the ground here by requiring the marriage of Christianity and Marxism.

This is a necessary path because the salvatory Christ is an agent of heaven, but wholeness requires the “prince of the world” join him. As Jung put it, the devil is a therapeutic myth. The point being; the world-view of Marx is the most highly evolved language yet produced by world civilization – that speaks to the alchemy of world whole systems liberation. It is the vital alchemical complement to the European spiritual tradition.

History has shown that we mythologically experience democratic Marxism, or at least the attempt to actualize it, as a psychological foundation for shared sense of liberated one world culture. It follows therefore that this language system can most easily accommodate the higher tantric delights flowing up to us from the numinous “One World.”

But this requires what Marxists would recognize as a major dialectical shift in the collective consciousness of world socialism. Marxist materialism, which is the dominant orthodoxy in socialist philosophy has always been (ever since Engels incompletely interpreted Marx) trapped inside its own dialectic, that is its alienation from its opposite, spirituality and metaphysics.

To update the cultural metaphor, the modern alchemists became alienated from their own Christian spiritual roots. A war was set up by false consciousness; that being the either/or game between spirituality and materialism. But that is a universal symptom of the cosmogenic alienation between heaven and earth. Anyway that’s how I read the Mayan system applying here.

So One World Culture requires a transformative journey into the philosophical outlook of 21st century socialism. Here, the evolving dialectic turns upon itself at a higher level, inside the consciousness of socialism. From emphasizing the material, it now emphasizes the spiritual quality of Socialism. It calls for the promulgation of a structured vision of world liberation that anchors itself in the union of heaven and earth. That is the unity of all spiritual systems of liberation, with Marx’s socialist science of mass cultural and political liberation.

When the universal and the materially concrete find fullness together the alchemical stone is found. That is the work. And it requires the European humanist tradition realize itself in the form of a unified system of thought, a system that holds Jungian, transpersonal psychology as being the essential esoteric center of the entire edifice of socialist political understandings. This new union (including the revolutionary advances it enables in socialist practice) will, in time, be strong enough to hold all of the traditions of world culture in stable, liberated wholeness. Well, according to the Mayan’s at least, such is the emergent power of the new “Galactic Underworld.”

By Graeme Jones, copyright 2008

Surrealism: A Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

by Graeme Jones

PAUL-KLEE by David Larimore, copyright 2008

PAUL-KLEE by David Larimore, copyright 2008

copyright 2008

In the early 1970’s I concluded that the remarkable hatred and fear directed at Communism by the miserable, small-minded cretins that ran the New Zealand Government suggested that there just had to be something good about that political philosophy. And quite possibly something important. In my instinctive and unschooled response I was applying the Hegelian dialectical principle; if evil organizes itself against a thing, then search within that thing for a boon. So I decided to take a look at Marxism, and therein began my journey.

This same law of opposites comes to our aid when we examine the political focus of those really serious Fascists, the Nazi’s. When Hitler’s jackbooted legions strutted their way into Paris in May 1940 high on their political agenda was the extermination of the Surrealist art movement, which was centered in that city. Over the ensuing months, employing the epithet “decadent art,” the Nazis completely suppressed the vibrant cultural movement known as French Surrealism. Why were the German Fascists so determined to annihilate a school of French artists? Surrealism itself reveals the answer.

Surrealism is an artistic movement characterized by its emphasis upon the opening to the psychological unconscious. In Surrealism the artist is inviting the unconscious to take over the artistic process. The colorful vibrancy and creativity of the unconscious is glorified, to the point where the unconscious tends to become the subject of the art itself. This is most famously exemplified in the works of Salvador Dali. Surrealists saw their movement as a cultural vanguard, its task being to communicate the social importance of the collective opening to the psychological unconscious. But Surrealism was more than merely a collection of talented individual artists. It was a living cultural movement in the best European tradition, a continuation of the spirit of the French Revolution.

Here was a talented intelligentsia who understood the importance of consciously integrating their innovative artistic styles into the variegated dimensions of European progressive life. They saw themselves as a “school” in the real sense of the word. The genius of the inspired individual that marked the cultural life of Paris was being employed to delve into the hidden depths of the modern psyche, and to relate that exploration to all aspects of progressive culture. Their ambition was to cultivate the living spirit of Europe by using art to foster a conception of organic unity that satisfied the modern psyche. And they regarded the psychological unconscious as an actual participatory agent in that endeavor.

Accordingly, it was both natural and unavoidable that Surrealists would recognize the living force of the unconscious inside early 20th century Socialist political struggles. The logic of Surrealism itself obliged them to fold the Socialist vision into the general outlook of that artistic movement. Inspired, individual subjectivity and the political cause of the progressive masses began to converge via the unifying medium of Surrealism. The psychology of the unconscious and Marxism were beginning to coalesce into a unified cultural stream.

The leading Surrealists were openly Socialist. And their willingness to be informed from outside the orthodoxies of Marxism, and to bring that psychologically enriching content into their red politics attracted many to the unique vitality of that movement. It is no surprise that Surrealists were some of the very first to advance a Socialist criticism of Stalinism. In essence, pre World War II Surrealism was a cultural bridge between the politics of liberation and the new humanist psychology of the unconscious. It was in Surrealist circles that creative people could walk from one end of that bridge to the other.


The integration of the Marxist political outlook and the psychology of the unconscious comes to us in the brilliant insight of Surrealism’s most well known spokesman, Andre Breton; “bourgeois culture erects a fortress against the unconscious.” This point of view is at once Marxist and Jungian. Here Surrealism is offering us a psychological understanding of class struggle. Class conflict between bourgeoisie and proletariat is a political metaphor for the collective relations between the ego and the contents of the unconscious. This is esoteric Marxism. The collective egoism of Western man crystallizes its antagonistic relationship with the collective unconscious in political form as bourgeois class war against the working masses. “Masses” being a mythic code word for the collective unconscious. Here is the cosmic axis around which the great conflicts of the 20th century orbit; the Euro-American ego’s reactive hostility to the planetary culture of wholeness which seeks to emerge from within the collective unconscious and supersede the world outlook of egoism.

Code words for bourgeois political reaction, directed against the working class, women and people of color, can be read, psychologically, as mythic projections of the western ego’s hostility towards the unconscious. Carl Jung specified exactly this. In his alchemical dream interpretations Jung wrote; “The political left stands for the unconscious and all that lurks within it.” Any competent Jungian knows that liberation from oppression requires turning away from the ego bound perspective and embracing the salvatory movement that is to be found in the unconscious. So the logic is clear. Right wing reactionary politics is the ego’s war against humanity’s living spirit. Conversely, it is the task of the political left to embrace the life giving vibrancy of the unconscious, and to embody the healing function of the Self as it emerges from the collective unconscious. Red culture must breach the bourgeois fortress on behalf of the insurgent unconscious. This was the perspective that was beginning to take form in the Surrealist school just prior to World War II.


This approach offers us a clear psychological analysis of the terribly destructive political tensions and violence that have wracked Euro-American civilization for the better part of the last two centuries. It also explains the Capitalist establishment’s need to suppress, distort and control art and culture. It being the role of artists, and culture, to convey the life-giving creativity of the unconscious to the mass mind. Prior to 1850 the Romantic Movement was fashionable and received bourgeois patronage. But the revolutions of 1848 pushed the Romantic artists to openly side with the proletariat in their street battles with the bourgeoisie that broke out simultaneously in cities throughout Europe. From that time onwards Europe’s ruling bourgeoisie saw clearly that Romanticism, art and culture posed a potentially mortal threat to their class rule, and hence had to be carefully controlled and, if necessary, destroyed. The Bourgeoisie can only feel truly secure when they sit atop a cultural wasteland, which has been washed clean of any threatening vitality from the banished unconscious. Accordingly Romanticism quickly became “unfashionable” and was replaced by the 19th Century version of Fascism; i.e., Victorianism. Fascism simply being the naked face of ego driven, reactionary, bourgeois class power, exemplified by the Nazi Herman Goering’s infamous dictum; “whenever I hear the word culture I reach for my pistol.”

The Nazi occupation of Paris paid the Surrealists the ultimate compliment. By targeting that school for immediate annihilation the Nazi’s were fortifying bourgeois reaction in Europe against any possibility of progressive cultural insurgency on the part of the unconscious. In so doing they demonstrated the incisive accuracy of the Surrealist critique. But there is more. Germans are deservedly famous for combining depth of instinctive insight with highly focused intelligence. The Nazis were no exception. Recall that the Nazi’s hated Communism with an existential passion. The German bourgeois ego was terrified of being drowned in a tidal wave of Red feeling. It saw itself to be in a war to the death with its own worst nightmare, i.e., an overwhelming resurgence of the primitive feminine from the “subhuman” Slavic east.

The Nazi’s expected to be lauded for defending Europe against Red barbarism. For them this was a truly spiritual war. And they knew successful spiritual warfare requires winning cultural battles. In their spiritual battle against Communism the thing the Nazi’s most feared was a cultural movement that was in the process of placing Marxist Socialism upon sound spiritual and cultural foundations. This was the terrible danger they instinctively recognized if the Surrealists were to be left to continue their cultural experimentation. They knew they had to preempt it at all costs.

For by initiating a convergence of Marxism and the psychology of the unconscious the Parisian Surrealists were actually laying cultural foundations for a humanist, spiritual definition of Marxist Socialism. Recall that Marxism is a political/economic extension of the philosophy of Hegel. And that Marx wrote that the proletariat must find its spiritual and intellectual weapons in that philosophy. By exploring the psychology of the unconscious, from a socialist perspective, the French Surrealists were preparing the ground for a culturally viable interpretation of the Hegelian spiritual foundations of Marxism. They were building a Socialist culture animated by a numinous humanism. In the late 1930’s this was still inchoate, only partially formed, and more intuitive art than scientific theory. But enough of a beginning had been made to set alarm bells ringing within the instinctual intelligence of the Nazis.


When it comes to the all-important dimension of culture, it has to be admitted that the Nazis actually won World War II. The all consuming demands placed upon the Soviet Union by military confrontation with Nazism, from 1933 until 1945, precluded any possibility of the Soviet state developing authentic Socialist culture. This was the fascist goal all along. In Nazi occupied Europe, Socialist and Jewish cultural luminaries were annihilated in their hundreds of thousands. The general devastation of Nazi occupation, and the war itself, caused enormous destruction to the living fabric of European progressive culture. But the decisive Nazi victory lay in the complete destruction of the French Surrealist movement. Its heart was cut out, and what was left was scattered to the four winds. Individuals may have survived but the cultural integrity of the collective movement was effectively destroyed. After the war French culture never regained its former luster and progressive vitality. From 1945 on Europe was dominated by an aggressive American Capitalism that imposed its own brand of reactionary cultural suppression. The military defeat of Nazi Germany simply shifted the fascist responsibility from Berlin to the United States.

In destroying the Surrealist school, Fascism deprived Europe of any genuinely vibrant and authentic spirit capable of further enculturing the convergence of Socialist politics and the Humanist articulation of Marxism’s spiritual roots via the psychology of the unconscious. The destruction was simply too great to allow such delicate, plastic flowering. And that flowering was essential for the success of Socialism. For want of it Socialism was unable to enculture any understanding of its own psychological and spiritual dimensions. In surrendering its Humanist interiority to a vulgar mechanical materialism, Socialism lost its soul. From there Socialism (along with American civilization) devolved into a totalitarian Materialism of ego-based power. This is, in real cultural terms, Fascist victory.


Ever since the mid 19th century a hidden raptor force has guarded Capitalism. With focused predatory eyes it surveys the entire landscape of Euro-American civilization, always on the lookout for the emergence of any social movement that is free of distortion. Whenever numinous integral Humanism shows any signs of emerging the dark birds are given their moment. Blood flows, the threat is shredded and Humanism is once again fragmented into mutually alienated parts. The raptors have actually been released many times, the flight of the Nazis being simply the most demonic. In truth the Surrealists never stood a chance.

The cosmic meta-theme of the 20th century is the culture of emergent wholeness. This naturally inclines towards a convergence of external wholeness; i.e., Socialist political economy, with internal wholeness, articulated as the psychology of the unconscious. As Marx put it, the liberated wholeness of individual essence, is to harmonize with the liberated wholeness of external existence. We now call it the marriage of Heaven and Earth. This was the vision, encultured for a brief moment by the Surrealists, before it succumbed to the Nazi holocaust. And it has never been restored. Such a numinous Humanism is unbearable to the ego bound mind of the ruling bourgeois class. Consequently from 1940 until the present day, depth psychology and Socialist political consciousness have co-existed in a state of mutually hostile alienation. Psychology is held to be the exclusive property of the bourgeois mind, and for want of it, Socialist consciousness, denied a scientific vision of its own essence, flounders, trapped in a spiritual wasteland of one-sided Materialism, where it has steadily withered into impotence, for loss of its soul. The terrible fruits of the Fascist victory have lasted 80 years.


However it is only the twisted ego bound delusion of the bourgeois mind that denies that the living force of cosmic intention is anything but invincible. Knowing that nothing real can be truly lost, we shall, in closing, revisit an actual moment in Surrealist history for a poetic taste of the coming marriage of Heaven and Earth. Recalling that the Islamic vision of Heaven is a walled garden, i.e., paradise, who better for us to turn to than that icon of the new world, the widely loved avant-garde artistic exponent of the feminine inner self, the Communist painter who would walk about town, whilst hiding under her dress, strapped to her thigh, a loaded pistol, Frida Kahlo.

At the height of her popularity, Frida held painting classes for her young art students. These were conducted in a large walled garden behind her home in Mexico City. Feel your way into this wonderfully verdant garden, where you are sitting at your easel, alongside other painters. In this soft early morning Mexican air, surrounded by trees and shrubs, flowers overflow in a riot of colors and sweet aromas. Monkeys chatter and leap amongst the trees, along with wildly colorful birds, including parrots. Here inspiration comes easily. Just as fresh paint is being applied to the canvas a presence is felt from behind. The young artist turns and casts his eyes upon a woman who is smiling appreciatively over his shoulder. It is Andre Breton’s wife. She is completely naked.

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  1. This is a breath taking landscape. Now I must ask for more. You started my mind thinking… and then became poetic, archetypal. A taste of this fruit further stimulates hunger for thought.


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