Bio: Bea Garth

Bea Garth has been creating art since her mid twenties, and poetry since she was 18. As a child she liked creating stories, plays and mime  with her friends. In 1973 Bea received her B.A. at the University of Oregon in political science with a minor in philosophy.

Back in the seventies, Bea had a prophetic dream that convinced her that she should  emphasize her creativity  rather than become a professor of political science like she first intended.  Since then Bea became a ceramic sculptor and now is pursuing painting again as well as her poetry. In the early nineties Bea showed her sculpture up and down the Wests Coast. Now that she has recovered her health, she has been showing her work again, though so far emphasizing painting. Just recently she won a first for her painting in the international art magazine Art/Slant ( section 9, 2016 ArtSlant Sbowcase) .

Bea has  started and/or helped renew a series of alternative publications that feature art, poetry, stories, spirituality and politics. Eos: The Creative Context represents a fulfillment of many of her interests.  It is something she does to help build the creative community while still having  time to follow her own Muse.

About Eos: The Creative Context

Bea at her ceramic sculpture studio, May 2007, photo by Linna Muschlitz

Bea at her ceramic sculpture studio, May 2007, photo by Linna Muschlitz

Eos as the “Goddess of the Dawn” is in many ways symbolic for the dawning New Age that is rapidly coming upon us. She is often depicted in her chariot guiding her two winged horses.

I created this blog with the idea that it would be a monthly (well–sometimes!) version of the Sunday Supplement, but from the creative, progressively aware, inspirited person’s point of view.  Eos is also a place where community can and often has blossomed.

With this intention in mind, I invite you to send your best jpeg photos of artwork (please identify the title and medium),  poems, stories, commentary, gluten free recipes  and worthy events–whether healing, creative, or philosophically relevant and timely  concerning our collective social/political/spiritual environment. Please send submissions to beagarth@fastmail.com.

Eos: The Creative Context has gone through a series of incarnations since it originated January 1, 2008. I had  high hopes for this most current version with Word Press–and it seems like it has proven itself worthy.  The original Blogger format was becoming a little cumbersome with the unfortunate effect of leaving some posts buried far too soon. So far, I am choosing to emphasize certain posts for the Pages, however other equally wonderful posts can be found in the Archives and Categories.  Just click on a subject and author and you will find their multiple posts (assuming they have multiples, otherwise it will just be their single post).

Please let me know if you can or cannot make comments easily, since comments are really the “payment” that the various authors and artists here would like to get. If you can’t figure it out, please send me  comments (or submissions) through regular email at beagarth@fastmail.com.

So welcome–and let beauty, harmony, right action, love, compassion and constructive creative intelligence reign!

Bea Garth–editor

Please Note: Submissions are actively invited.

Please post Queries to: eosthecreativecontext@fastmail.com — and include a short bio about yourself  plus your writing or art (100 words or less). I like poems to be included in the body of the text rather than sent as files.


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  1. I have an ashtray with a nude female sculpture sitting on it. The underneath was signed Bea -1974. Was this you?


    • Hi Gerard–I’m afraid the ashtray could not be something I made. I didn’t get into doing art until the mid to late seventies. I started working with clay in 1983 in Eugene, Oregon. Also I never got into making ashtrays… Where were you when you got the ashtray? Maybe that would help us know who made it. I know there is an older San Jose sculptor for instance called Bea Wax.


  2. I love this site Bea, the poetry, the artwork, all of it is exquisite.


    • Thanks Carolyn for your supportive comments. I will have a new issue coming up shortly. Am battling a bug the last few days but am on the upswing. Please consider submitting something here if you feel like it will fit this site. Mainly I like quality poems, artwork, stories, interviews, progressive and/or healing commentary, and some events. My tastes are eclectic, as is that of the readers/viewers here in cyberspace.



    There’s a piece of the sky
    I can’t fly through.
    I can see the clouds
    but I can’t get there.

    I can see farther than
    a girl’s allowed to fly.
    I can see a bird above me.
    Why is he way up there?

    I can’t find a way out.
    I could get hurt here.
    Kids and a box with wheels,
    a man whose feet don’t care.

    I need to find some dust,
    a bush in which to preen.
    I have dirt on my wings.
    I need to get out of here.

    It looked so big
    I meant to come in.
    If I could leave,
    I could find a way around

    the piece of the sky
    I can’t fly through.
    Then, I would
    be free.


  4. Please include me for your mass e-mails and thanks for the speedy answer


  5. hi Kent,

    As noted above here, please post queries to bgarthart@earthlink.net for Eos. I will post things from you then assuming I am being good and am on top of all this plus like what you have got to say/write/paint/sculpt or whatever.

    As far as signing up on a mailing list, however, just let me know via the above same email address. I periodically send out a mass email to let folks know of particular art/poetry events or some good art, writing, commentary etc. here on the blog…


    PS–sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. Was ill with a bug. Even wrote about it if you care to look on the Home Page.


  6. I am not new to poetry or art-I’m new to blogs. How does one join or sign up or is their a place I’m missing that discribes all this?


  7. Thanks David. I chose a slightly different template so I hope it fixes some of the previous problems, at least sufficiently. Am not a website person per se so can only do so much. At some point I will learn how to change colors but do not know enough to do that now. Etc. I got rid of the popups by the way. I agree they were annoying. Hope the comments section is clear enough since I can’t seem to change the moniker so far…


  8. 1. ‘No Comments’ at end of article is redundant with ‘0 Responses so far’. Also was not apparent that it could be clicked on. Solution: color it light blue and change it to ‘Add your comments’.
    2. Rid the links at the top above the picture. The ‘Pages’ section is all you need and is better looking. Need to add ‘Front Page’. Could be last link under ‘Visual Art’.
    3. Change label Mail to Email under ‘Leave a comment’
    4. Entry for Website seems unnecessary to me but maybe that helps build network of writers (?).
    5. After clicking on a link, it turns black making it look unclickable. Should change to purple which is standard for link already clicked on.


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