Month: December 2008

On little Cayman Island

by Mary-Marcia Casoly copyright 2008 One sunrise sea every morning warms alone these breasts breathe sheer peasantry 70 degrees ghost crabs scuttle grit ajar camouflage young red-footed boobies wide-feet stagger yawns purple cloud sweet musk-quito air knee and pants torn… Read More ›

Petting the Kitten

by Bea Garth copyright 2008 ceramic sculpture work in progress The above is a new  ceramic sculpture I am currently working on. I paint a liquid colored clay (engobe) over my slab built piece which I then carve through (scraffito)… Read More ›


by John Kurtyka copyright 2008 At my wits end – I’ve gone around the bend This banker I befriended — got me over extended I went and spent all of my retirement Trying to avoid paying rent — so now… Read More ›