On little Cayman Island

by Mary-Marcia Casoly
copyright 2008

One sunrise sea every morning warms
alone these breasts breathe sheer peasantry 70 degrees
ghost crabs scuttle grit ajar camouflage
young red-footed boobies wide-feet stagger

purple cloud sweet musk-quito air
knee and pants torn ragged stabbed healing
eye of duck and egret feather loose, free
lion tailed lizards curl tail then lay straight

gentle repeat rhythms snake news coil over sand
notes of Cezanne sea-grape heavy
flamingo tongue cowrie tube worm angelfish
caribbean rain rabbles rouses all

black-eyed robber grackles wheedle behind beads
hard squeal brakes hard bicycle tumble
Iguana I wanna, Iguana I wanna no armory
a foam rump shot shifts horizontal

O man-o’-war O man-o’-war O pirate bird soar
hermit crabs on the move for new mobiles new homes
between crazy rum licks, drunken stars
Caribbean hammock sways close and
widens whimsy

Magnificent frigates wheel without error on wingspan alone
no woman no baggage no man no warning
quick wink almost full sugar moon in afternoon 85 degrees

wireless without roaming
bring me on home

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