The Clash

by Chris Arcus, copyright 2014 Five minutes to breath Five minutes to sleep No time to get hungry No time weep Half a block of frozen ice Littered in a pen Nothing but noise and confusion But then A stolen… Read More ›


by Stuart Blaney, copyright 2014 I know little but of those I’ve left behind, why do days begin only to end? I know little but these hidden paths of pain, why these silent furies in my heart? Broken light breaks… Read More ›

Late Summer Edition, 2011

 Editorial Commentary (on the state of the planet as well as this delightful summer issue) by Bea Garth copyright 2011   Welcome back to this late summer edition of Eos: The Creative Context. This has been a summer of consequence, following… Read More ›

Love After…

by Lisa Griswold copyright 2011 . . In the whispers of the wind I can hear him. His warm sweet hand gently moving the hair from my face Comforting and soothing the pain like lace. . In the roar of… Read More ›

Ruling Day

by Eftichia Kapardeli copyright 2011   ΑΡΧΟΥΣΑ ΜΕΡΑ Χρώματα από του Ήλιου τα κρόσσια ,διάχυτα στης ελπιδοφόρας αυγής το φίλημα χείλη κατακόκκινα, κερασένια . Έργο νέο γεννιέται νέα ακούραστη σκέψη στην συνωμοσία της σιωπής στις ακύμαντες επιφάνειες των νερών, στα φυλλώματα… Read More ›

Downtown Princess

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 Pleasure is the beauty of her hands in motion Slender twigs, delicate hummingbirds Parting sky like bamboo splits the breeze In the evening her dark eyes pierce chocolate  stones cleaving me dead center She has… Read More ›