Green Horse

by Elizabeth Parashis copyright 2009 acrylic on paper Elizabeth Parashis will be the featured artist along with Loie Johnson, featured poet, Thursday August 20th at the Stone Griffin Gallery, 411 E. Campbell Ave., for Thursday Gig. For more info and… Read More ›

On little Cayman Island

by Mary-Marcia Casoly copyright 2008 One sunrise sea every morning warms alone these breasts breathe sheer peasantry 70 degrees ghost crabs scuttle grit ajar camouflage young red-footed boobies wide-feet stagger yawns purple cloud sweet musk-quito air knee and pants torn… Read More ›

Mountain Lake

by Bea Garth copyright, 2008 I am but a crysallis burrowed deep in the mud in the dark wells under the high mountain lake, whereas you you love to fly in your red sports car rock and roll spewing forth… Read More ›


by Greg Hall copyright 2008 When I was born my father wore a lab coat The first words audible were “it’s alive, it’s al-l-l-l-ive … ” Igor stood by and told the old man “I’m glad your first child is… Read More ›