by Kent Werges,
copyright 2009

There’s a piece of the sky
I can’t fly through.
I can see the clouds
but I can’t get there.

I can see farther than
a girl’s allowed to fly.
I can see a bird above me.
Why is he way up there?

I can’t find a way out.
I could get hurt here.
Kids and a box with wheels,
a man whose feet don’t care.

I need to find some dust,
a bush in which to preen.
I have dirt on my wings.
I need to get out of here.

It looked so big
I meant to come in.
If I could leave,
I could find a way around

the piece of the sky
I can’t fly through.
Then, I would
be free.

About Kent Werges: “I am a 69 yr old retired financial planner living in Sunnyvale, Ca (recently moved from So CA) I have been writing poetry for about 6 yrs and have had several pieces published in small literary journals (Avocet, Calif Quarterly, Poetry Motel, etc) I prefer to write about impressions and observations, as opposed to politics and emotions. My favorite poets are Wm Stafford, Richard Hugo and Mary Oliver. I am also in the process of learning impressionistic oil painting to further explore recording observations and impressions.”

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  1. I liked not understanding who the speaker is and then figuring it out as I continued. The situation makes me feel so sad I can’t stand it.

    Recently, I saw a nest of sparrows crying for worms in the parking garage of the Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper in Tokyo. They looked free to leave whenever they were ready to.


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