Feb. 19 Thursday Gig

Thursday Gig is coming again February 19th! 6:30 to 9:30 PM at the Stone Griffin Gallery, 411 E. Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA. Potluck, Featured Artist Presentation and Featured Poet. Open Mic.  follows.

This month we are featuring the strikingly beautiful figurative paintings and drawings of Elizabeth Parashis. Her work is one of the best kept secrets of the South Bay. Both abstract and realistic, there is nothing held back here. The work expresses fantastic emotional energy, both explosive and quietly nuanced. Nothing fake here.

We are also featuring John Kurtyka’s poetry. John takes his audience for a wonderful ride. Like one of my brothers once said, the truth hurts, especially now in this world of failed everything economic, but then you have just got to laugh! As we all feel the sorrows of these times, both personal and collective, we merrily go down our road to hopeful redemption.

by Elizabeth Parashis

by Elizabeth Parashis, copyright 2008

NOTE: The Stone Griffin Gallery has moved again, now to 411 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA. Its near the RR tracks in a brick building, now on the first floor, actually across the street from its original location that still has the sign up in the window.

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