Month: June 2009

Depoe Bay

by Steve Arntson copyright 2009 —————- D-e-p-o-e Bay Well, it’s a misspelled place Unless “Depoe” is French    or means more than storage But no one’s talking    no one’s saying Edgar Allan’s honored obliquely discreetly But no one’s scared    no one’s… Read More ›

Holy Ground

by Carolyn Donnell, copyright 2009 This is Holy Ground, You have desecrated our Holy shrines. Words said throughout the ages to excuse Mankind’s warring and destructive ways. But what is Holy Ground? Where battles were fought, or won or lost?… Read More ›

Editorial Notes:

by Bea Garth, copyright2009 Meanwhile art and poetry fearlessly go on.  And believe me, I think all of you know what I mean by “meanwhile”!! Below my rant on the (war) economy, are several inspired pieces –artwork and poems for… Read More ›


by Roberto Duran copyright 2009 DISTURBING THE PEACE WHAT PEACE? Roberto Duran will be the featured poet at the June 18, 2009 Thursday Gig held at the Stone Griffin Gallery at 411 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell CA.  Roberto is known… Read More ›

Landscape 2

collage by Lori Krein copyright 2009 Lori Krein will be the featured artist at the June 18, 2009 Thursday Gig held at the Stone Griffin Gallery, 411 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell CA.


by Bea Garth ceramic sculpture, copyright 2006 I (unconsciously) created this narrative, ceramic sculpture in celebration of the art and poetry  and music events at the Overpass Gallery as well as what I wanted to further create for Thursday Gig.


by Bea Garth copyright 2009 I watch a green caterpillar crawl across the hem of my black dress, the sinuous creature’s yellow brown hairs radiating like bristly filaments. I put the caterpillar onto the ground and watch it struggle crawling… Read More ›