Editorial Notes:

by Bea Garth,

Meanwhile art and poetry fearlessly go on.  And believe me, I think all of you know what I mean by “meanwhile”!! Below my rant on the (war) economy, are several inspired pieces –artwork and poems for your perusal.   A new painting from Japan by Erik Sutter-Kaye does say it all!

Also of note are works by the June 18th Thursday Gig featured poet Roberto Duran and featured artist Lori Krein.  Roberto’s poem is as usual short and to the point.

Lori’s collage is beautiful, reminding us of what our cities can be if we are open to the moment both in and out of time.

The Thursday Gig (as mentioned below Roberto’s and Lori’s work) is at the Stone Griffin Gallery at 411 E. Campbell Ave.,  Campbell, CA from 6:30-9:30 PM. It’s  on the ground floor on the north side of the street near the railroad tracks in old downtown Campbell.  Open Mic follows the two features.

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