Month: September 2012

A Loss for Words

Poem by Marianne Bickett, copyright 2012 A LOSS FOR WORDS . It’s just too precious to write about and yet I try I think of life and the fledgling mourning  dove Who’s neck looks injured Who still tilts her head… Read More ›

The Real Antarctica

Poem by Marianne Szlyk, copyright 2012 The Real Antarctica In the real Antarctica, the tiny cruise ship sneaks between the stony gray beach and the icebergs. Below the water seems dark, lifeless. All the same Lynne Cox once swam here…. Read More ›

All About Rosie

Poem by Marianne Szlyk, copyright 2012 All About Rosie Whenever I imagine Rosie, she is always racing up and down the stairs of her building, out to Little Italy, mingling with the famous people who aren’t quite famous yet. The… Read More ›