About This Transitional Issue: Summer Into Fall


Self Portrait As Shadow,” photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2012

EDITORIAL by Bea Garth

We are officially transitioning from Indian Summer to Fall. This issue of Eos: The Creative Context is in honor of that transition as well as celebrating the fact Eos is now Back.

I went through some soul searching and in the end realized that this blog/website is definitely worth keeping up. I neglected it this last year due to a combination of health issues as well as focusing on my day job. This August I  decided that my personal  creative work is too important to be left to flounder. I am after all an accomplished artist and poet as well as editor. Thus Eos is part of my creative work and a way to connect for myself as well as for my expanding family of contributors and readers.

I am particularly aware of the dilemma creative, sensitive people have in this world of such great hopes and great difficulties and fears. We have a chance through our sensitivity to create awareness of the fundamental things that are important for human  life on this planet. Our stewardship of the planet itself  is being called into necessary action as we begin the transition from looking at things in terms of greed, to a more balanced consideration of others–a consideration that seems to be underlined by Mother Earth starting to strike back.

This summer we once again thus saw a ratcheting up of extremes of temperature and weather here in the States and across the planet that can only be explained by the fact that global warming is not just a theory, it is here right now. Similarly our economic system is once again upon the precipice despite all the smooth talking from Washington D.C. What is going on in Europe  is not so far away from any of us. And yes things like dwindling resources such as oil do affect all of us.

We need laws with teeth to stop runaway greed from destroying the planet, as it seems hell bent on doing. However, unfortunately, it is unlikely we will get such laws until the system breaks down completely. Up until then, we the majority are fast becoming considered throwaway fodder by the increasingly desperate powers that be while they attempt to fool us into thinking they are taking our best interest to heart.

The way I see it is that it is our job as creative artists and thinkers to take off the blinders, increase the sensitivity to what is going on  to what is ugly and crazy  as well as to what is beautiful, healthy and whole. Life is becoming more and more obviously a reality of contrasts–just like the weather.

Herein in this transitional issue you will find several photos of mine which I took on a walk recently at the nearby settling ponds in Campbell, CA which have been allowed to team with the abundance Nature can and does reassert when given the chance (Bea Garth: Self Portrait As ShadowThe Creek or Elegy in Lavender, Green and Blue; Settling Pond, Campbell CA; and White Heron).

Elizabeth Parashis’ uniquely expressive painting of a horse (Fly Like The Wind) adds to the overall spirit and verve of this issue, as does a  sculpture of a bird above a chair by Zoya Scholis (Recess In The Ring).  We have a heartfelt poem (A Loss For Words) by Marianne Bickett about the  transitory nature of life. And Marianne Szlyk‘s ironic eye for the environment and our place in it dances in her poems (We Live on Eaarth; The Real Antarctica; and the jazzy All About Rosie). Greg Hall‘s surrealistic  poem (I Don’t Know) adds a humorous spin to our contemporary experience of human life as we struggle toward Nature and the Sublime.



editor and fellow contributor, Bea Garth

PS–I continue to ask for submissions of quality photos, artwork, poems, short stories, social/political commentary, gluten and allergy free recipes.

PPS–Please Note: Just letting potential contributors know, the  December 2012 Issue will continue to focus on the transition towards a new Gestalt represented by the Mayan 5th Sun, although I am open to other material as well.

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  1. Hi Bea,

    Thanks for attending tonight and connecting afterwards.

    Solstice Blessings!



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