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  1. beautiful!… as a double Pisces i always appreciate water images and such liquid, flowing words;
    and of course, the reappearance of the turtle image on EOS!…. currents of disappearance
    and reappearance carrying us along…. WATER IS HOLY!

    ” without
    any way but waking
    to leave. ” but do i want to wake (into what!?), or even have a choice?.. i know there are times i want to leave (wake) the madness (“ground, stone cold, mud”) behind…. “life is a dream”, as Pedro Calderón de la Barca wrote long ago… we may be but the vanishing images in The Great Sleeper’s dream…. or……

    “we learn to learn from what we can see
    again and again and again and again.”…. many lessons, indeed…

    thank you!…
    onward into the mystery,
    rog e.


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