“make a wish” poem by Roger Evers

make a wish

by Roger Evers, copyright 2020
has its day,
has its say:
8 billion humans
chronically out of balance,
dizzy now from the viral vexation,
wonder what’s next,
what normal is morphing into;
please, tell me what you see.
molecules arrange,
re-arrange in the cosmic stew,
the river flows,
the hawk hunts,
the rain falls,
the tides roll in
and out,
the great cycles unfurl
forward into the mysterious;
indifferent evolution at play…
* *
4.54 billion years old,
what a tale it tells us all
about survival and inevitable change,
about the vanities and ghosts of the past
and about the inevitable riptides of the future.
yes, the earth
has a birthday,
has its say,
has its way
come what may….
* * *
earth day, april 22, 2020
(make a wish)

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