Month: May 2010

Corinne at Agra

by Erik Kaye copyright 2010 watercolor . “It took us all day to get to the Taj from our hotel which wasn’t that far away. Touts and Wallahs, pedicabs and a ride in a camel cart, we finally sat in… Read More ›

Letter to my Mother

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 . Dear Mother, This winter in Jersey kicked my ass Left me gasping for sunshine the way a drowning rat reaches for air from the top  of a water-filled sewer This winter hammered me like… Read More ›

Phases Of The Pin

by Erik Kaye copyright 2010 watercolor diptych . Editor’s Note: This beautiful watercolor diptych by Erik Kaye shows a water canal scene of what might otherwise be ancient Japan (excluding  the outboard motor!) at different times of day highlighting the… Read More ›