Celestial Doorways

A Monthly Astrological Report

by Graeme Jones and Bea Garth

~ copyright 2010

(This column also appears in the  e-zine “Fortuna Daily” from Los Angeles  at: http://www.fortunadaily.com/ )

May 2010

"Celestial Doorways" by Bea Garth, copyright 2010

Our intention for this column is to indicate enriching ways for people to move within the universal energies each month. The month of May makes its own contribution to a larger period of collective transformation—this entails a deepening of the disintegration of collective illusions. Change will come whether any of us wants it or not – thus its best to learn how to make it work for you rather than fight it. May thus becomes an important time to begin clarifying one’s priorities.

Mercury  (communication and connections) will continue to be retrograde until May 11th. Mercury retrogrades in Taurus where it trines Pluto in Capricorn and then goes direct. Personal introspection can lead to deeper insights into oneself and can reveal  opportunities for more productive courses of action. Due to Mercury retrograde, it will be best to reserve electronic or mechanical purchases until after May 12th.

In early May, Venus at 15 degrees of Gemini will sextile Mars in Leo. Its a good time for emotional self expression and creative interaction with others (dancing, art and sharing with your sweetheart).

Between the 15th and 18th of May, both planets of finance (Jupiter and Venus) become entangled within a constellation of conflict and change (the ongoing Saturn – Uranus opposition). Finally Venus opposes the planet of banking (Pluto).  History shows that no major Wall Street firm has survived a criminal investigation. Now the spotlight turns on Goldman-Sachs. Thus, in light of the increasingly tense relationship between the banking system and the real economy, May will see a continuance of the conflict within American society regarding the appropriate structure of financial regulation.

Any personal conflicts experienced by the reader during mid-May can best be  seen as an opportunity for one to use one’s conscious will (Sun sextile Jupiter and Uranus) to move towards a creative solution to challenges in one’s affairs.

On May 18th through 20th, your personal resource management can be aided by intuition (as Venus trines Neptune) – which could help resolve questions you may be facing at this time. You may feel an impulse to take the initiative (Sun in Taurus square Mars) – however such energies will likely require thoughtful regulation.

The last week of May (when Venus in Cancer harmonizes with Mercury in Taurus) will present a good opportunity to initiate creative projects and emotionally effective communication with others. Gardeners: it’s a perfect time to add productivity and beauty to your garden!


Be prepared to face challenges and opportunities for change in your career and public life.   You could feel a restless energy to move inhibited by potential relational or business blockages. However, this is a month when much can be gained from an expression of self-confident enterprise, particularly where your own creative enthusiasms are present.  Intuition aids you at this time.  A scintillating new love affair or creative enterprise in your immediate environment may enchant you particularly during the first two weeks of May. By mid month however you may experience some difficulty in the home. Nevertheless, your assertive, fiery nature will be supported throughout the month. The arts, finances, creativity and romance in general are favored.


Invest in some form of expansion this month. Whether it be securing international business activities, or some form of learning. A deeper security can be found here as you may uncover a new and helpful perspective regarding yourself, or that in which you have invested your passions.  Conflict in the home can be avoided, or at least softened, when you temper impulsive outbursts of feelings towards others.  You may not notice that you are pushing too hard in some way. You likely feel mentally enlivened; your ability to communicate more harmoniously increases after the mid-month. Weigh carefully all opportunities for change in your professional life, as things may not be as they first appear.   Expansion here with your friends, associates and ideals is the keynote — and your positivity of intent aids success.  Meanwhile, late in the month, you might find romance while out admiring the gardens in your local neighborhood.


Your self-expression may feel limited by pressures in the work and domestic spheres.   Responsibilities wait to be faced, and duties carried out.   This is the moment however for you to let your creative juices and enthusiasms have full reign. You have the energy to be productive here and your intuitive faculties are supported.  Unexpected insights can lead to creative breakthroughs. This may be your opportunity to be assertively brilliant.  A possible flirtation or romance from someone in your nearby environment may come your way, particularly during the first two weeks of the month. This could be a good time to write a dream journal and let your creative imagination percolate since your Muse may well be stimulated. By the end of the month these musings could lead you into discovering potential ways to create more prosperous and/or fertile pathways.


This is a month for facing challenges in both career and relationships.   Be ready for the unexpected in matters pertaining to your career and social status.   You may be given an opportunity to see yourself in a completely new light.   Realizing your long-term goals may require greater adaptation and change on your part than you have anticipated.

Disputes with business or marriage partner may produce emotional tensions and conflicting outlooks regarding management of resources.   If this occurs it is important to look beneath the surface for underlying issues that are seeking your attention.   Intellectual creativity and communication with others who share your ideals and goals can strengthen your emotional resources.

Later in the month Venus enters Cancer bringing more of a sense of ease, fluency and abundance.   You can be your beautiful self now and make a positive impression upon others.   How long has it been since you have hosted an intimate house party?


May begins for Leo with a strong possibility unexpected for new vistas of self-awareness and potentially liberating alterations in your circumstances.  Openness to inspiration from the universal mind, and the liberating possibilities that it offers, is the key for you now.   Fruitful results may follow any new and creative business ventures that make practical use of your new insights.  If a bold new idea or an unexpected perspective offers itself, do not hesitate to explore it and mine it for all of its potential.  You can play the role of the pioneer this month.  Your good-hearted nature and charm can attract to you others who share your ideals.

Extra care is needed this month when you are required to communicate your ideas and concerns to authority figures.  Make extra sure that misunderstandings do not arise, and that conflict of wills do not cloud matters.


Any challenges you may face this month in the areas of personal relationships and business activities can best be dealt with by you diligent application of mental organization. Your well developed work ethic and intellectual abilities can serve you  at this time. You may discover that your organizational capacities easily help you find creative solutions to the tasks that confront you. During the first half of the month, normally hidden energies and creative emotional connections can become an unexpected resource for you.  It could be particularly productive for you to review your thoughts, write and journal. After Venus enters Cancer in the middle of the month, friendships can provide enjoyment and support for you. Consider inviting your friends over for a gardening party!


Your artistic inclinations and love of beauty may seek to emerge at this time, particularly the first half of the month.  You might become interested in possible educational opportunities — or even meet an attractive person from overseas at a party or see a foreign film that expands your sense of reality and artistic appreciation. With Mars in Leo in the 11th house, be open to increased inspiration regarding the active pursuit of your ideals, hopes and wishes.  Be assertive and reach out to your friends and those who can further your ideals and goals.  This will help you to balance and manage more effectively any unexpected challenges and changes you may face in your home life and relationships during May.


In the month of May  those born under the sign Scorpio can find their environment supportive of their ambitions and assertive desires.   This is a month for digging in and producing results.   Your capacity to delve beneath the surface and connect with deeper energies will serve you well.   The motivations of people around you can become clearer to you.    Unnoticed resources can be uncovered which may assist you in your long-term goals.   These opportunities for increasing your personal influence are greatly strengthened by a spirit of generosity towards others and a commitment to supporting the good of the larger community in which you live.    You creative output can prosper at this time.    Leave time for pleasure and enjoyable journeys later in the month.


The key for Sagittarius this month is openness to the unexpected opportunity for change and growth.    Unanticipated insights and inspirations may turn you in pursuit of a new path or vision.   Be open to the suggestions and promptings of people in your immediate environment.   Try to avoid limited and fear based judgments now as obstacles and frustrations may confront you in your career and public life.   Your generous and expansive nature can be tempted to indulge itself in impulsive expenditures regarding home or your creative outlets.   Be sure your enthusiasms don’t become overbalanced.  Your adventurous spirit can find healthy outlet in travel, or in some cherished new educational enterprise. Its a good time too to give your partner flowers and maybe spend some time snuggling over pictures showing your latest adventure, discussing philosophy or reading  from one of your favorite books.


This is a time for Capricorns to be adaptable with regard to their long-term goals and ambitions.  Capricorns tend to measure themselves by the substance with which they can exercise power and influence in the community.   This requires much thought, planning and a desire to work towards long-term goals, just as the mountain goat steadily climbs towards the mountain summit.  Pluto and Uranus coming into tension in early cardinal signs can present obstacles and unexpected disruptions to one’s career goals. You can stabilize your career development now by letting any unexpected inconveniences show you unexamined facets of yourself.   This can turn obstacles into new advantages and personal capacities. You can be aided in this introspective adaptability by your capacity to focus your mind and deepen your understandings of the realities that shape your life.

Be open to pleasure and the spirit of generosity with those who are closest to you later this month. Its a good time to enjoy that garden!


For Aquarians, impulsive energy and action is the keynote for May, with Mars opposing from Leo in the 7th house of relationships. This would be a good time to declare any heart-felt feelings for one’s partner. Flowers and flamboyant displays are in order!   You may feel an increased desire to invest energy in all of your relationships, including business affairs.  Contradictions and concerns regarding home and security may trouble you however. Any energetic tensions you may feel with others nevertheless can be an opportunity for fostering new understanding about yourself.   Uranus supports Aquarius from the 3rd house, promising unexpected insights and creative new ideas. Now is a time for your intuitive intelligence to come through to others; thinking out of the box and skillful interaction with others will work for you at this time. Creativity, enjoyment of children and romance are all blessed by Venus in early May. The blessings of Venus will shift by mid month to the areas of health, gardening and work affairs.


Emotions and inspiration can be strengthened by fertile mental creativity this month. This can include satisfying communications with friends and neighbors. Despite Mercury retrograde at the beginning of the month, it is also an excellent time for important correspondence or any new educational project you have been thinking about. You may enjoy handling more than your usual number of creative projects. The deeper powers of the universe are now more available to your intuition. These hidden energies can help support and strengthen your inspiration and ideals.  You can successfully bring friends and people who share your visions and enthusiasms in to your creative activities. Venus blesses personal creativity, enjoyment of children and erotic adventures in the second half of the month.

About the Authors:

Graeme Jones learned astrology in his native New Zealand and has been practicing personal Jungian as well as political astrology for 35 years. You can see articles by him and send comments via his blog at: http://mayanfifthsun.wordpress.com/

Bea Garth is an artist, poet, intuitive healer and licensed hypnotherapist as well as a long term student of astrology. She is editor for the arts/poetry/commentary blog-zine at: https://eosthecreativecontext.wordpress.com/

Graeme and Bea can be reached for astrological consultations at:  info@beagarth.com

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