Month: April 2008

"Crescent Beach"

by Steve Arntsoncopyright 2008 Here is where you’ll figure it outWhere it’s safe enough and separate, too Almost a coveFrom Chapman Bluff to the stairs to Ecola’s lawns and picnics But be careful coming thereBe mindful of ankles the treachery… Read More ›

In the woods at night

by Lara Gulartecopyright 2008 Shadows move inlight falls to the ground.Colors fill up the darknessclots of red, spasms of purple.My eyesight dims.Deer trail sinks into canyon. When night comes aliveit hums, it crawls.I can hear the deep dead turn,see roots… Read More ›

It Was The First Sunny Day

By Joan Dobbie, copyright 2008 of the year, I waslying on my backon the picnic tabletalking to Beaon the phone.Above me, the skywas brilliant bluethe craggy old cherry treeblossoming pink& filling with birdsof all sizes & breeds.Below me the lush… Read More ›


(musings in the clay sculpture studio)By Bea Garth, copyright 2008 Today the clay under my fingers sangat long lastrighting the arms and shouldersof this Toltec like sculptureputting on ears and a bit more masson the back of his headseeing how… Read More ›

Gluten Free Carob Brownies

recipe by Bea Garth, copyright 2008 (Note: Steve Arntson convinced me I should post some of my better gluten free baking experiments. I can vouch that this one is really excellent. This treat tastes sinfully rich but is wheat free etc.,… Read More ›

Third Beach

by Steve Arntsonfirst posted on Tribe.netYgg’s Horse discussion groupFebruary 20, 2008 Dunes dunes and contradictionsDunes of the Third Beach dunes in the rainIt is raining on a “Lawrence of Arabia” setThe place is inexplicably flooded Dunes and ducks familiar ducks… Read More ›

House of Doors

by Steve Arntsonfirst published in Ygg’s Horse on Tribe.netFeb. 17, 2008 Note: Steve says–“This is a piece written after my first visit to Burning Man in 1996 – it is about an installation that was created using only doors…” The… Read More ›

Our Mayan World

By Graeme Jones, copyright 2008First Posted on Tribe.netJan. 17, 2008 This is to offer some thoughts on the current American situation in the light of my recent readings on the Mayan calendar. It is popularly thought that the Mayan calendar… Read More ›

Iapetus, interpreted

Note: this topic was originally postedJanuary 13, 2008 – 5:47 PMby Steve Arntson on Well, it’s a planet – or rather a moon of Saturn’s – it’s also a name for the father of Prometheus, the bringer of light… Read More ›