(musings in the clay sculpture studio)
By Bea Garth, copyright 2008

Today the clay under my fingers sang
at long last
righting the arms and shoulders
of this Toltec like sculpture
putting on ears and a bit more mass
on the back of his head
seeing how strong he is
so centered after all
so Just and Righteous
— this after signing my tall
rectangular carved story piece
I call “The Fallen Man”
or should I call it “Fall From Paradise”?
It is all about finding a new path,
I think to myself,
even though I still admire how elegant
this old one was even when fallen.
I stand back and can’t help
but see this new figure
has a lot more grit and character;
it gives me hope seeing him like that
–maybe I am making progress after all!

Categories: poem by Bea Garth

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