Downtown Princess

by Al Preciado
copyright 2010

Pleasure is the beauty of her hands in motion
Slender twigs, delicate hummingbirds
Parting sky like bamboo splits the breeze
In the evening her dark eyes pierce
chocolate  stones cleaving me dead center
She has a way of looking at my life
as if trying to reconstruct a broken toy
She sits back to me on the edge of her bed
between my heavy thighs a regal  and curved shape
I rub her back, legs, toes, arms clumsy but earnest
fingers enjoying her tanned softness
She gives of herself like a gift
Treasure trove of caramel skin, a velvet offering
A queen’s ransom from this princess of downtown
She is royalty trapped between my legs because she chooses
my hands that knead her muscles , that touch the
necklace that seems to never come off
peace symbol of silver fuses our friendship forever
She sings to her son as she twists underneath my caresses
Moonrise and sunsets flavor her syrupy, siren voice
I am moved to be with her and content to be in
her house filled with piles of history and rescued items
And at the end of our night, she grants a final privilege
Her leg thrust forward, soft clay ,warm ,golden underneath
my sculptor’s hands which have never felt anything so precious
She casts me one more look. a rare dandelion soft gaze
And even if I cannot firecracker open the gates of her soul
Cannot break down the recycled stack of grief, motherhood, activism
protecting the crescent of her island heart, cannot unleash the
imagined desire from her deepest self  that will quench my parched heart
Still she owns , inspires, destroys, drowns
The  rising rant of her sweet and sour words
flooding my universe like endless stars
for to be with and without her is the most
exquisite twin torture

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  1. Very sensual and beautiful poem….you create such a wonderful portrait of her….well done.


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