poem by Al Preciado

Letter to my Mother

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 . Dear Mother, This winter in Jersey kicked my ass Left me gasping for sunshine the way a drowning rat reaches for air from the top  of a water-filled sewer This winter hammered me like… Read More ›

Downtown Princess

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 Pleasure is the beauty of her hands in motion Slender twigs, delicate hummingbirds Parting sky like bamboo splits the breeze In the evening her dark eyes pierce chocolate  stones cleaving me dead center She has… Read More ›

Koni’s Song

by Al Preciado copyright 2009 . . I claim no ownership over the country hood of women Save one This new terrain of she.  Her unfolding, fresh continent of possibilities, land I want to discover with floods of wanting overwhelming… Read More ›