by John Kurtyka
copyright 2008

At my wits end – I’ve gone around the bend

This banker I befriended — got me over extended

I went and spent all of my retirement

Trying to avoid paying rent — so now I live in a tent

So let’s take away everyone’s S U V

Park them somewhere nice with trees

Where the homeless can feel free

To sleep inside and cook out on their knees

Imagine the enchantment of an encampment

A new address for the homeless

Where they can get their clothes washed and pressed

We’ll put up some showers and plant some flowers

With a library of books they could read for hours

We could put in a bowling alley and a rifle range

Lets make it a rule — no asking for spare change

We could offer arts and crafts

And job training just for laughs

We’ll have a shopping cart derby

A cardboard sign contest — for the wordy

We’ll have school buses for the kids

Classmates won’t know they hit the skids

Let the old blamers become the newly blamed

Placing fault and feeling new shame

New losers in this game

Come and join us

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