Ryukoji View, Katase

Note: double click picture to enlarge
by Erik Kaye, copyright 2008

“Its a famous nearby temple, Ryukoji, (ji means temple-Ryu means Dragon, Ko means mouth– Dragon Mouth Temple) where the Saint Nichiren was being executed when a bolt of lightning hit the axe-blade as it was being swung to his neck. The superstitious fools of that time refused to believe it was completely coincidental!
Of course we today know differently, heh, heh. Ka-ta-se is the name of the town.

This is one of the first elaborate landscapes I did in Japan, in 1999. I sold it for ¥60,000 or about $600 to Ms. Kimiko Sano, a student of both Corinne and mine.”
—–Erik Kaye, American Artist working with his wife Corinne as English Language teachers in Japan.

Categories: Painting of Japan by Erik Kaye

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