Unhindered (for Ruth Asawa)

by Kelly Cressio-Moeller 
copyright 2008

Pathways curling into curved meanders
Exploring the subtle duality of space
Chevron patterns neat as garden rows
Bright with sleight of hand color tension
Releasing shimmering optical vibrations

A slender bend of industrial wire
Heralding interlaced trumpets
Blowing amber-glow tranquility
And dandelion spore reflections
Across ceiling, wall, and floor

Tied-wire cartwheels
Anchored from on high
Awaiting our childhood monkey-bar swings
From shadowed branch to shadowed branch
A mystic woodland of our own

Forms within forms
Crocheted, cocooning teardrop wombs
Nesting, resting within themselves
Umbilical hourglasses connecting us all
By a lifeline of elongated possibility and suspended joy

A precise reticulation of roads
Clean, clear, infinite
Traveling heroic and unhindered
Mapping the belief that:

"A line can go anywhere"

Categories: poem by Kelly Cressio-Moeller

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  1. Wow impressif… way to go Kelly…


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