The Definition of the Maya

Editorial Note: I am republishing Graeme Jones’ article first published here last spring. It clearly has more relevance now than ever, given the recent events in Japan, the Middle East,  Wisconsin and to Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  The social and… Read More ›

Nuclear disaster in Japan

Editorial Note: I am saddened by the recent events in Japan. However with the earthquakes, tsunami and the very real possibility of horrific nuclear plant meltdowns comes a necessary realization–we need to pay more attention to the power of Mother… Read More ›


Tides by Bea Garth copyright 2011 You unravel me with  your sweet persistent touch, I am swept up in the tides of the Universe there being no shore like the sands of the Moment to lose myself into guided by… Read More ›

Carob Brownies

CAROB Egg BROWNIES (banana, squash or yam) gluten free by Bea Garth, copyright 2011 Mix dry ingredients thoroughly in a bowl: 1 cup sorghum flour 2 cups brown or white rice flour ½ cup tapioca flour ½ cub powdered carob… Read More ›

Back Again!

I first posted the following photograph of me  after a very busy summer and early fall. I had a wonderful trip with my boyfriend up to Oregon to visit some very good friends and back down the  coast through Florence… Read More ›

Corinne at Agra

by Erik Kaye copyright 2010 watercolor . “It took us all day to get to the Taj from our hotel which wasn’t that far away. Touts and Wallahs, pedicabs and a ride in a camel cart, we finally sat in… Read More ›

Letter to my Mother

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 . Dear Mother, This winter in Jersey kicked my ass Left me gasping for sunshine the way a drowning rat reaches for air from the top  of a water-filled sewer This winter hammered me like… Read More ›

Phases Of The Pin

by Erik Kaye copyright 2010 watercolor diptych . Editor’s Note: This beautiful watercolor diptych by Erik Kaye shows a water canal scene of what might otherwise be ancient Japan (excluding  the outboard motor!) at different times of day highlighting the… Read More ›

Downtown Princess

by Al Preciado copyright 2010 Pleasure is the beauty of her hands in motion Slender twigs, delicate hummingbirds Parting sky like bamboo splits the breeze In the evening her dark eyes pierce chocolate  stones cleaving me dead center She has… Read More ›