The Definition of the Maya

Editorial Note: I am republishing Graeme Jones’ article first published here last spring. It clearly has more relevance now than ever, given the recent events in Japan, the Middle East,  Wisconsin and to Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  The social and political contradictions revealed in these events display a common theme:  one  of clarification and definition around the  all important relationship between world capitalism’s ego drive for control and domination – and – the awakening of humanity to a deeper understanding of its true spiritual needs.   This, according to the Maya, is the essential “definition.”

The Definition of the Maya

By Graeme Jones
copyright 2010, 2011

"High Priest" ceramic sculpture by Bea Garth, copyright 2011.

The final Mayan small cycle prior to the close of their great cycle, and its corresponding world change in 2012, is due to run for two years from September 23, 2010 until it finally closes at the winter solstice on Dec 21st 2012.  Carlos Barrios, a Mayan elder and priest, identifies this final two years as a Cycle of Definition.  In his The Book of Destiny Barrios identifies it as  “a time of cleansing, when all of the garbage in our minds, all of our consumerism will be cleared away, and replaced with a resurgence of true spirituality and a renewed respect for ourselves and everyone else on this planet.” The function of this cycle of definition is to clarify distinctions between truth and illusion. This is needed to prepare the mass mind to open and receive the first rays of dawn of the great new Mayan Fifth Sun.
Mayan cosmologists use the concept of a Sun to characterize a 5,200 yearlong cosmic cycle in planetary evolution.  Their “suns” describe the central cosmic agenda which is unfolding within humanity during that particular cycle. 


We shall see that when it comes to the new Mayan Fifth Sun, which dawns in 2012, the nomenclature “Sun” enjoys a qualitatively deeper meaning.   For in an as yet unknown and very unfamiliar way the Mayan Fifth Sun promises to be what is known as a “spiritual sun.” As such it is will come to be felt to be even closer to us than the physical sun.  Just as our physical sun has a solar wind, a spiritual sun has a divine wind.  Perhaps the most noteworthy quality of a spiritual sun is what we can call its esoteric self-awareness.  Its self-knowing subjectivity lends both vivacity and authority to the wind that blows inside our spirits. As it births itself inside us it seduces us into harmony with itself. This sun is expected to form the internal organizing principle of a major new cosmic cycle in human culture.  In so doing it will manifest its own spiritual cosmology and become the fountainhead of all living poetry and culture.

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