Nuclear disaster in Japan

Editorial Note:
I am saddened by the recent events in Japan. However with the earthquakes, tsunami and the very real possibility of horrific nuclear plant meltdowns comes a necessary realization–we need to pay more attention to the power of Mother Nature.  It serves no one to think that our Egos can control everything. Instead we need to learn to live in balance with the Earth or create the real possibility of uncontrolled havoc and destruction. A difficult but necessary lesson–but one that seems to be reaching the hearts and minds of many.

The disaster unfolding in Fukushima, Japan is a terrible reminder of the dangers of nuclear power.

Right now the President has $36 billion in taxpayer giveaways to the nuclear industry to build more plants here in the US in his proposed budget. Join me and tell the President and your members of Congress that there is no place for taxpayer giveaways for nuclear energy in this year’s budget. Just click the link below…

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