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The Definition of the Maya

Editorial Note: I am republishing Graeme Jones’ article first published here last spring. It clearly has more relevance now than ever, given the recent events in Japan, the Middle East,  Wisconsin and to Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  The social and… Read More ›


A Bridge Between Heaven and Earth by Graeme Jones copyright 2008 In the early 1970’s I concluded that the remarkable hatred and fear directed at Communism by the miserable, small-minded cretins that ran the New Zealand Government suggested that there… Read More ›

Our Mayan World

By Graeme Jones, copyright 2008First Posted on Tribe.netJan. 17, 2008 This is to offer some thoughts on the current American situation in the light of my recent readings on the Mayan calendar. It is popularly thought that the Mayan calendar… Read More ›