Back Again!

I first posted the following photograph of me  after a very busy summer and early fall. I had a wonderful trip with my boyfriend up to Oregon to visit some very good friends and back down the  coast through Florence and on down to Trinidad and Arcata California.  I was planning to update Eos at that time, but instead soon  involved myself helping my family out after my brother got into a bad bicycle accident. I am now finally really back again ready for Eos and my other creative projects (including White Heron Hypnotherapy) now that my brother has recovered.

—–editorial note by Bea Garth

picture taken of Bea Garth overlooking the southern coast of California
by Chris Arcus, copyright 2010

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  1. Good to see you back, Bea – trip sounds fun and you look happy 🙂



    • Thanks Kelly! I’ll be doing more towards the end of November but may find some time to rustle up something sooner. Are you going to Al Preciado’s poetry thing November 6th?



      • I don’t know about the event on Nov. 6th, but I’ll have to miss it regardless as it’s my son’s b-day. If Al’s involved I know it will be great. Give him my best and have a fun time!


      • Hi Kelly–hope your son has a happy birthday!Just broke my word and put in a gf sunflower seed pancake recipe on Eos. Seems its coming along after all… Bea


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