Flax/Sunflower Meal Zucchini Pancakes

by Bea Garth
copyright 2010
This recipe shows you how to make a gluten free (i.e., nothing from the wheat family), very low carbohydrate pancakes without eggs  (almond meal, pumpkin seed meal or even sesame meal or some mixture thereof could be substituted for the sunflower meal).

Flax/Sunflower Meal Pancakes

(use a clean coffee grinder to grind the flax, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seedsonly put in a little at a time. My grinder can take a cup of seeds at once, however I think it is larger than the  average grinder–thus on average only put in 1/4 to  1/2 cup seeds in to grind at a time with a normal coffee grinder )
1/4 to 1/3 cup fresh flax seed, measured and then ground up
mix with 4 level teaspoons of xanthum gum (or 2 to 3 tsp. of agar agar)
1 tsp. sea salt
and 3 tsp. dry baking soda.
Mix above mixture and then add the following wet ingredients-using a wire whisk–mixing in well once the water is added:
1/4 cup grape seed oil (or its equivalent heat resistant oil)
1/2 cup 24 hour yogurt (note: use regular yogurt if you are not lactose intolerant–or one to two teaspoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar if you are casein intolerant)
2 cups water
Let above mixture  sit and  grind the following ingredients into meal with your grinder:
2 cups dry, hulled sunflower seeds
2 cups pumpkin seeds (if you don’t have them–just use extra sunflower seeds instead)
Hand mix in the above freshly ground seed meal to the wet  mixture above.
Then grate and add in to the above mixture by hand:
4 cups packed, fresh shredded zucchini (roughly three 7 inch zukes from the store)
Meanwhile, have a pre-heated fry pan waiting.  Then add 1 tsp. coconut oil and spread around with your spatula before adding in the batter.
Note: This makes a thicker than most pancake batter. You may find it best to spread the batter around with say a flat spatula that has been wetted with a little  water–so the batter is flat on the pan and not too thick. Flipping it over isn’t hard once you get used to it–you need to run the flat  spatula under them first all around the circumference. I suggest you make small pancakes at first to get acquainted with the idea.
Some might want to halve this recipe. I made a lot so I wouldn’t  have to whip up another batch the next day. Enjoy!
PS.–the batter turns green when it sits.  Its just the chlorophyll! Stir it before use. I kept it in a closed container in the fridge until I used it again. I didn’t want it to sit too long in the fridge however since the zukes are perishable and could make it get moldy after a while…
PPS–my non- gluten free friends up north in Oregon and on Puget Island in the Columbia River (on the Washington side) loved this recipe!

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