Judgment Day

by Evelyn A. So
copyright 2008

We’re back here again, caught
in this endless kírkos of blame.
Who owes whom? How much?
Until when?

Even if we forgive each other’s
old debts, another roomful
waits for the chance to come
face to face with its creator.

Karma, your currency’s no good
here; it’s our faith that’s in mortal
danger. What’s the sum
of our deficits and saving
graces? The chips are down

and the wheel keeps spinning.
Only the banker knows what
change to make and the back
door to the house where all
bets come.

Note: “Judgment Day” is featured in the new issue of Reed Magazine.

Evelyn So will be featured along with poet Wendy Taylor Carlisle and artist David Larimore this August 24th, 2008 at Thursday Gig at 24 N. Santa Cruz Avenues, 6:30-9:30 PM. Improvisational music will be played by John Kurtyka and Chris Arcus.

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