poem by Steve Arntson

Depoe Bay

by Steve Arntson copyright 2009 —————- D-e-p-o-e Bay Well, it’s a misspelled place Unless “Depoe” is French    or means more than storage But no one’s talking    no one’s saying Edgar Allan’s honored obliquely discreetly But no one’s scared    no one’s… Read More ›

"Crescent Beach"

by Steve Arntsoncopyright 2008 Here is where you’ll figure it outWhere it’s safe enough and separate, too Almost a coveFrom Chapman Bluff to the stairs to Ecola’s lawns and picnics But be careful coming thereBe mindful of ankles the treachery… Read More ›

Third Beach

by Steve Arntsonfirst posted on Tribe.netYgg’s Horse discussion groupFebruary 20, 2008 Dunes dunes and contradictionsDunes of the Third Beach dunes in the rainIt is raining on a “Lawrence of Arabia” setThe place is inexplicably flooded Dunes and ducks familiar ducks… Read More ›

House of Doors

by Steve Arntsonfirst published in Ygg’s Horse on Tribe.netFeb. 17, 2008 Note: Steve says–“This is a piece written after my first visit to Burning Man in 1996 – it is about an installation that was created using only doors…” The… Read More ›