poem by janet crawford trenchard

Persephone’s Child

by Janet Crawford Trenchard copyright 2011 . A refugee of time, I wander knee deep over and through used broken things, scanning left to right, pulling myself forward, between crumbling pillars as the debris begins to thin out. Stepping lightly… Read More ›

power plant

by janet crawford trenchardcopyright 2008 driving along in the darkearth and sea to either sideexpecting to be surprised as alwaysby silvery stiltsrising out of the mist, Atlantisspreading its net oflightsI wonderif I missed it somehowthen suddenly crane my neckto see… Read More ›


by Janet Crawford Trenchard, copyright 2008 You know this place very welland it is lit, isn’t it?candlelight or searchlightpolice flashlightIt’s your soliloquya room on a stagein which everybody leaves youstanding amongstodd moments of your life-they’re your history, butstill, you think:… Read More ›