2 Poems by Janet Trenchard, Art by Jennifer Cordiglia

After the Soldiers                                                

Cardinals Breaking Through by Jennifer Cordiglia, acrylic 2016

Cardinals Breaking Through by Jennifer Cordiglia, copyright 2016, acrylic painting

Lined up in empty windowsills
in a sky-cracked world
sparrows, leaving the fields
their songs inside
the old women
watch as they
abandon their homes
always the last to leave
they who perform the ablutions,
clothes on the line,
a world washed white
under stars, under rain
arms and legs of wash
kicking and waving
fighting against the wind

by Janet Trenchard, copyright 2016


I was born in a lazy dance
between white and blue

Snake Emerging by Jennifer Cordiglia, coyright 2016 ceramic sculpture

Snake Emerging From the World Psyche by Jennifer Cordiglia, copyright 2016 ceramic sculpture

back and forth they rolled
across the enormous canvas
like a tide. I imagined
the feathery white bands
delicately sweeping
over the blue field, now and then
breaking up in lacy ripples
to be my mother.
Only later did I realize
that she was the still blue field itself
rocking me in her oceanic heart.

by Janet Trenchard, copyright 2016

Note: Janet Trenchard paints and writes poetry. Often as not she is channeling the Pink Curler Headed Ones. She has tried to stop but she keeps catching them passing through the doors of her mind. 

Note: Jennifer Cordiglia is a young artist of amazing imagination living in San Jose, CA. She has participated in much of the local art scene, most notably at The Citadel and Kaleid Gallery as well as Works/San Jose Gallery and Studio Bongiorno.

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